Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry that I haven't Written ...

Top Three photos courtesy Marty Liggins, bottom one Pat's camera and tripod ;-).

Late July, usually, usually we invite friends, family and neighbors over for train rides, food, swimming and lots of hanging around and talking.  Last Saturday was the day.

Train Rides!

A farmer neighbor, John, is just silly over our little Plymouth TGT.  He wore his engineer uniform, assembled special for train driving (he even wears a pocket watch! Too cool!).



And a quick photo of a gathering that I didn't believe could happen. Four "Free Parkers" in the same place at the same time! "Free Parking" is an AOL message board, where folk talk and generally disagree on evey available subject. Fun!

Tony (far left) was going to be in Ohio for a BMW rally the same day as my railroad open house, he decided to stop by on his way back east. Harmon (second from left) drove up from Tennesse because Tony was going to stop. Since those two were going to be here, Pat (third from left) drove up from southern Ohio too! Yay!

Rumor has it that more of the FP bunch might consider the trek next year. The more the merrier, I say! Perhaps I should invite my friends from the "Journals" community and we do a "Free Parking" v. "Journals" tug-o-war contest or maybe some competative mud wrassling. Ok, the mud wrasslin, maybe not so much.

Could be fun!



oceanmrc said...

Well, it all looks fun!

thisismary said...

It WAS fun! I guestamate that around 200 folk came and went through the evening.  Much smaller crowd than last year, but it was hot that day. Busy, but fun!

shaz19743 said...

Wow that looks like one amazing day out ......and you look totally beaming in that last photograph .....isnt it great how having such a brilliant day can make us look so alive and at our best .....unless i get a lottery win i dont think i could ever make it to next years shindg for the tug o war but maybe i could afford the air mail to send a big ole cardboard cut out of me .....just attach a tray to it and hey presto you have a shazzer drinks server ! x

southernmush said...

Good evening....I wouldn't mind jumping on a train. I love trains I have never had the pleasure of being on one. I would like to take a train ride that would be a wonderful trip for me.