Thursday, August 25, 2005

Audio entry


memes121 said...

That was a great story. It was probably a good thing that you didn't tell her about the birds too, LOL!

gdireneoe said...

Hi Mary, nice to meet you.  You are too self deprecating hon'!  That was a great entry and you sound just as I imagined.  Call her back...and explain the tractor thingy to her...LOL...retribution for having the gall...LOL. ;)  C.

shadp said...

Yes, it's amazing isn't it - the things one can do these days! You can run your life from anywhere in the world now - all you need is some plastic and a mobile phone. It'll make my life as a hermit much easier, when I take to the wilderness! Only thing I don't enjoy, is having computers call me to sell finance or double glazing!


shaz19743 said...

Hahehehahaha you kill me hehehehahah tractor type bill paying in a field whilst talking to someone on the other side of the world who is overly concerned that you might hit a stray canadian goose !
What next ......" excuse me mam but are you pushing a shopping cart round the ice cream aisle of a k mart ? im sorry im going to have to ask you to terminate this call ...move over to the side and call me back when your undistracted by the choice of vanillaice cream could take someones eye out with your mobile !"
Priceless x