Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dennis the Menace

We mark with light in the memory the few interviews we have had, in the dreary years of routine and of sin, with souls that made our souls wiser; that spoke what we thought; that told us what we knew; that gave us leave to be what we inly were. -- Emerson

Been working on jobsites all week. Hot all week, but not as bad as last week.  Still, Tuesday was a purgatory of haze and heat.  Still air and gray.  I was a soul trapped waiting for deliverance or damnation.  Semi tankers arrived, like prayers for the waiting, taking me step by step towards release from my prison of gray wheat stubble surrounded by gray trees and intermittent threats of rain.  Sigh.

Wednesday brought sun and a farmer spraying for weeds in a neighboring field, Truck with a tank on the deck of a low-boy.  Afternoon and the truck pulls down the road from which we are unloading.  Driver stops and inquires about our business. Tall, lean, wearing a v-neck cotton T and a sideways smile, his eyes sparkled and danced as he introduced himself as Dennis, Dennis the Menace. 

There are folk that on sight can be identified as a big deal, no matter what they are wearing or doing.  Mr. Menace was one of those.  Salute to you Dennis. You brightened the day of one dirty tired fertilizer spreader, just by being you, driving a truck and stopping to say hi.  Wednesday was a great day.



shadp said...

Ah, wonderful stuff - rich images of a whole new world, conjured in just three short paragraphs - beautiful! I can smell the land, feel the heat, and taste the dust in my teeth. And all life is there - that encounter with the sideways smile of Dennis the menace!


shaz19743 said...

Im there ! i can see it all just from your words !
Brilliant stuff ohh and did dennis have crazy unruly black hair and a red a black striped sweater just like the Dennis i used to read about in the beano comic every week as a kid ? hehe