Saturday, August 20, 2005

Purple Martins and Canada Geese

I am still out in the fields all day every day of the work week, working on my farmer's tan. Thursday and Friday a flock of Purple Martins joined me for most of the day. Roaring along at my three miles an hour two dozen or so of these beautiful dark purple and red or gold birds would swoop and dive around and in front of my machine. They would zip across the front, rise into the air to a stall, fold wings, turn, dive, a few flaps and back across the front of the machine.  They didn't do these maneuvers in unison like a flock all making the same pass and turn, instead, bedlam. They approached from every direction made the front pass at every angle.  I wondered how they managed to avoid crashing into each other.  They didn't.

For an hour or so yesterday morning, a flock of Canada Geese parked themselves at the end of the field I was working.  Attitude I tell ya!  As I approached they would stare at me, just stare.  As it became clear that at least SOME of them needed to move out of my way, they would stand and walk slowly out of my way.  As soon as they were barely clear of my row, they would stop and turn to stare at me again as I passed with my cloud of Martins flying every which way around me.



memes121 said...

You didn't happen to see Alfred Hitchcock walking around did ya, LOL!

shaz19743 said...

beautiful , beautiful , beautiful !
Lovin ur work mary x

shadp said...

Wonderful stuff! So - your "machine" doesn't cocoon you in a driver's cab then? Bit difficult to work on your farmer's tan if it did, I guess. And Canada Geese? Yes, surly beasts. A few strays would arrive every year at my pond, on the farm I had in the olden days. Not the most considerate of creatures!


plieck30 said...

I love when the quail run in front of the truck at the ranch as if they are trying to outrun us and then all of a sudden figure out they can't and fly to the side. I enjoy your journal. Paula