Monday, September 26, 2005

Fun with Fungi



Sigh.  I attempted to download a couple of photos that I took of fungi.  Puff-balls and something orange.  Loaded them somewhere strange.  Reloaded the puffball photos, the others will re-load later, maybe.    Anyway puff-balls are wondrous strange things.  White and the size of a basketball when full grown, they appear in fields this time of year. One day -- not, next day, boom! Puff-balls are good for two things, eating or kicking.  Eating, they are meaty and not dissimilar to the white moonlight mushrooms that you buy in a store, only much much bigger.  I make Puffball parmigiana, like the eggplant version. But between us, kicking them to see how far they will go is a whole lot more fun.


southernmush said...

Hi ! I have never seen Fungi until now. I don't know about eating one I am not sure about that. Kicking one to see how far it goes sounds fun........Thanks for sharing a photo of this.

shadp said...

I used to like whacking them with a cricket bat - big cloud of black dust as they exploded. Very satisfying - but then I was easily amused in those days!


shaz19743 said...

Mushy rule !
On pizza , in soup , grilled on a toasted sandwich !
Funghi rocks !
I am a mushroom fan could ya guess ?