Sunday, September 18, 2005

Reclaiming the Gift of Fire

We have squandered the gift of Prometheus, by electric light we work, play and live. With the availability of easy light and heat, mankind is loosing the crucial cooperative effort required to build and maintain fire. From caring for old embers to be used to light the wood gathered to warm the next cold night, humans of the past understood that Gods may dispense gifts, but it is up to us to maintain the life sustaining essentials for the group. I believe that we need a Hercules to again release Prometheus so that he can help us to reclaim fire.

As it happens, I know him. Not THE Hercules, but a man that with innate wisdom, has been keeping the art of cooperative fire building alive for his circle. Late summer he gathers friends, they gather fallen timber and in a sacred ceremony build and light a bonfire to provide heat, a means of cooking and a place to gather safe from the chill of the night. I don't know that the ceremony was created or continued for exactly that purpose, yet that purpose is what struck me when I heard of it.

We have been hit by a terrible disaster in the destruction of New Orleans and many of our fellow citizens are still in great need. Shelter has been provided, food and water dispensed many many are working together to assist the displaced and start the rebuilding. But for terrible moments, days, it seemed as if too many of us stood in the dark waiting for the Gods to dispense gifts.  For the next time, and there will be one, we need to remember that survival of the group depends largely upon the action of the group providing safety and shelter while waiting for the Gods to provide.




oceanmrc said...

Nice entry.

shaz19743 said...

This is inspiring ......ive often spent a long insomniac night emersed in the legends of greek mythology fascinates me ......and i have to be honest the thing that brought me to learn the truth of these tales and legends , the thing that sparked my interest in all things ancient was wait for it "xena warrior princess " tv series hehe
As cheesy and sometimes historically incorrect nayyyy impossible it was it got me wanting to learn more about greek mythology and so i spent many a night on the internet reading the real tales that inspired the series .
We seem to have lost the magic the talents the powers we once had as a race choosing instead to let them fade and almost die ....all that is left are the stories , history , legends and without them we only exist in the moment x

shadp said...

A lovely entry. It's certainly a symptom of our times - waiting helplessly for the State to provide salvation, and fulfil all our needs. One day the machine will stop. And what then - will it be too late to recall the old ways of self-sufficiency by then?