Friday, October 21, 2005

Audio entry


shadp said...

LOL - hope no one was watching while you did all this! You must have looked like a ghost! And I hope the lime doesn't have any nasty effects on your skin - poor you, lol! So, the mega-discount store. Yes, I know exactly what you mean by "People in general." I hate crowds. They take on a whole character of their own, the character of the herd - beast like, brutal - all the ugliness of the great unwashed in full cry!


shaz19743 said...

Mary dunno if you know but i  got major compy probs so cant get on here properly right now im in a cafe with internet at moment and booooooooooooy does it suck as well as cost a small fortune hehe
Be back soon x

delela1 said...

Trick or treat, Mary!