Monday, October 3, 2005

Audio entry


southernmush said...

Hi again....I really enjoy your audio entries which I also have to frequent grocery stores as you do. Kroger is getting a huge chunk of my money before I spend it on myself. Your journal is entries and all.

shaz19743 said...

Well that was a grocery store saga ! These audio entrys kill me hehe #
Hope you finally took the loo rolls into the house ......dont wanna get caught short hehe x

ticklatowers said...

Quite brilliant.

You've done it. You've voiced those journal entries that we all write while food shopping - the ones that never make it to the written stage. These times are always a great one for character study. Everyone is shopping there with their own needs in mind, their own food fantasies ,and their own compulsive buys. I mean what makes one person zoom pass one aisle while another person idulges in it? And let's not get started on analysing the person in front of you, and the ones next to you's shopping on the conveyor belt. Why are they buying that? What does that tell you about them? And how do they interact with the people in front of them? No let's stop there. Shopping's fun.

<stamps feet> it's time for audio entries in the UK!