Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of Nine (Boy that sounds Borgish ...) Ladies Dancing

For David.  Thought that I would share a pencil study for one of my embroidery projects.  One of my "Nine Ladies Dancing" for my Christmas Tree Skirt.

She is titled "December"  subtitled:  what the heck is happening on top of that poor woman's head?  I was shooting for a hat of northern lights.  ~~~~  There ya have it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just In Case

Just In Case ... Started a New Journal on this page.

Minus some of the bells and whistles, but plus some interesting possibilities including video with sound!!  (not on the linked entry -- still figuring it out).  Oh, and if crass commercialism is the theme of the day -- my work will be promoting, well, me.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Speed Entry

I have given myself three minutes to do this entry. Took Seven.  As always ...  Anyway.

First:  Thanks to everyone that has stopped by recently especially the new folks!!!!!!

Then, regarding my last entry, explanation:

Win - Win, even corporations understand that concept.   Those that have left?  Huzzah!  Way to stand up for your principles! I mean that! 

Me? Personally, I come, I go, I post, I don't.  I talk about things that I see on a 40 acre farm in Ohio and poop, mostly.  Mostly when I feel like it.

If, however, I was writing to generate hits that would contribute to a good cause? Can we say motivation?  With some tweaking in the concept, the Ad banners program could generate some serious good will.  My thoughts.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey! AOLnicks! An Idea to get the heavy hitters back. -- Maybe. Dunno.

Preface this by the fact that I have run this idea by none of the heavy hitters that have vamoosed from J-land.  But dammit, I miss them, don't you?  Want them back?  I know that I do.

What if you took a tiny percentage of ad revenues generated by those obnoxious ads and donated that money towards a charity promoting children's education in the arts?  Ummm,  Arts as in writing, painting, that sorta thing, just in case someone at corporate thinks that their child's football team qualifies as an "art".  Never know with some people.  Might even want have a pre - vetted list and let the journals community choose.  Shrug, just a thought.

Anyway, seems to me that Journalers are a community directed sorta bunch, what with DONATING all that time and effort creating wonderful journals for us to read and expecting nothing in return.  Then y'all grabbed the results of their efforts and went and sold it with out so mush of a "do you mind" or a "thank you".  WHAT were ya thinking?  How did you expect them to react?  Honest to Pete, talk about kicking a gift horse in the teeth. Do something more than, well, not a damn thing, will ya?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Change of direction - Machine Embroidery

Now for a wild (and likely temporary) change of direction ... Photo of an element of a machine embroidery project that I am working on. Holly Sprig. Part of a Christmas Tree Skirt that I will not finish before Christmas (or ever, likely, knowing me).   Anyway if you have an embroidery machine that uses .pes files, I have included a link below that will let you download "Holly Sprig" as an embroidery file in the ".pes" format.

Holly Sprig .pes file

Ok, this is how to download.  Right click on the link above.  Select "SAVE TARGET AS".  A pop-up will "get the file information", then a window will open where you can choose where on your computer to save the file.  Select the folder that you want to save the file in then go to to the "file name" box and ADD  ".pes" to the  file name Holly Sprig.

This file sews out at 2" X 2" with no jump threads to cut. Quick note: for personal use / trading with other non commercial embroiderers only, otherwise, all rights reserved. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What really truly happens when you flush a tampon down the toilet.

The Bank of America and flushed tampons. AOL 9.0 and ragballs.  Advertising currently appearing at the top of my Journal page. The association was their choice and I was not given an option.  I wouldn't have gone that direction, were I they, but hey! Commerce!

Back to the subject du jour. 

What really truly happens to tampons (and applicators) when they are flushed down the toilet.  A note to the ladies.

Used tampons are small, a lot of women (from the evidence that I have seen) feel that it does no harm to flush one little feminine hygiene product down the toilet. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Tampons swell, applicators float.

There is a story told by plumbers, that tampons flushed into the waste stream swell to the size of a roll of paper towels and clog pipes. True.  But they stop at that size only because that is the size of the pipe. Tampons in the wild swell to the size of a prize sheep. If they had legs they would win the blue ribbon at the county fair.

What harm could flushing one little tampon do? Imagine, if you will, [and now that I am about to describe it, you will not be able to NOT imagine it] hundreds -  thousands of tampons tumbling and swelling as they travel through the sewers until they reach the local wastewater treatment plant. There they encounter machinery, sometimes called a "muffin monster" that shreds and rips attempting to turn these swelling system stoppers into something, well, anything less. That does happen.  But those plucky feminine hygiene products aren't about to give up! The shredded tampons mix and mingle with hair, the occasional twig and other non soluble things that were flushed when they should not have been.  Together they form ragballs.  Ragballs resemble felt.  Brown felt with dangling strings.

The strings catch on the equipment of the treatment plant. They hang from weirs, wrap around ladders, cling to the walls of the tanks.  Fire hoses, it takes high pressure fire hoses to dislodge them. Or worse, a city employee (almost always a male) wearing gloves and boots cutting ragballs off of the plant equipment and collecting them in buckets. Not a pretty sight.  Not a cheap process.  Women flushing tampons cost their cities tens of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance.  Don't do it.  Ever!

A quick note on plastic applicators; the ones that float are skimmed off and taken to the dump by the dump truck load.  No joke, entire dump trucks filled with white and pink bullet shaped pieces of plastic. Don't flush applicators either.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Storing Away Autumn

Today, in a panic, I spent hours searching for the last week of July.

The last leaves falling goad me into tidying up my mental year. It turned out that week was right where it should have been, but faded from being left out in the sun before I put it away.   I know that I should take more care with time and not leave it tossed into untidy heaps. Four years ago, I lost the Spring of 2001 entirely. I almost certainly sandwiched it between test print pages of a database on which I was working and later shredded it beyond recovery.    That will not happen with this fall.  Inspired by our resident Faux Cowboy, I went looking for Autumn and found it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Audio entry

Monday, November 7, 2005


Been out on jobs, busy, sigh.  Not gone awol! Hey Shaz?  That trade thing?  Where shall I send the plane tickets?  Hehehe.  :-)