Sunday, November 20, 2005

Change of direction - Machine Embroidery

Now for a wild (and likely temporary) change of direction ... Photo of an element of a machine embroidery project that I am working on. Holly Sprig. Part of a Christmas Tree Skirt that I will not finish before Christmas (or ever, likely, knowing me).   Anyway if you have an embroidery machine that uses .pes files, I have included a link below that will let you download "Holly Sprig" as an embroidery file in the ".pes" format.

Holly Sprig .pes file

Ok, this is how to download.  Right click on the link above.  Select "SAVE TARGET AS".  A pop-up will "get the file information", then a window will open where you can choose where on your computer to save the file.  Select the folder that you want to save the file in then go to to the "file name" box and ADD  ".pes" to the  file name Holly Sprig.

This file sews out at 2" X 2" with no jump threads to cut. Quick note: for personal use / trading with other non commercial embroiderers only, otherwise, all rights reserved. 


delela1 said...

Oh, very very cool.  ::::sigh:::: But alas, I have just a basic sewing machine and so can not partake in this kind of creative fun.


shaz19743 said...

I am still mastering the skills of button sewing back on coat type levels of stiching so dont think i'll ever be able to create anything as groovy as this .
Im such a useless homemaker wonder im single lol x

delela1 said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!