Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey! AOLnicks! An Idea to get the heavy hitters back. -- Maybe. Dunno.

Preface this by the fact that I have run this idea by none of the heavy hitters that have vamoosed from J-land.  But dammit, I miss them, don't you?  Want them back?  I know that I do.

What if you took a tiny percentage of ad revenues generated by those obnoxious ads and donated that money towards a charity promoting children's education in the arts?  Ummm,  Arts as in writing, painting, that sorta thing, just in case someone at corporate thinks that their child's football team qualifies as an "art".  Never know with some people.  Might even want have a pre - vetted list and let the journals community choose.  Shrug, just a thought.

Anyway, seems to me that Journalers are a community directed sorta bunch, what with DONATING all that time and effort creating wonderful journals for us to read and expecting nothing in return.  Then y'all grabbed the results of their efforts and went and sold it with out so mush of a "do you mind" or a "thank you".  WHAT were ya thinking?  How did you expect them to react?  Honest to Pete, talk about kicking a gift horse in the teeth. Do something more than, well, not a damn thing, will ya?


jevanslink said...

Yep.  Good idea.  There are those who want the ads gone regardless.  And won't take no for an answer.  But there is such a thing as compromise.  This is a good compromise.  Mrs. L

memes121 said...

Sounds good but there are some I do not want back. I hate saying that but some people (me included) are and have been harassed by a small number that left. Calling us all kinds of names for staying. I want the good ones back but those I'd rather stay away.

xzasporated1 said...

Tammy, I would like to know who has harassed you.  I mean it.  I want names, and I'm going to email you for those names.  That is unforgiveable and completely outragious.  I too have been harassed and called names, but, of course, from the other end.  It's so foolish that this issue has dissolved into such infantile pettiness.

And Mary, Mrs. L. is right.  I, personally, have a deep-rooted belief that precludes me from profiting AOL (or anyone) with my efforts.  However, my love and respect for the people (or most of them, anyway) is as deep and as rooted as my values.  I would welcome a compromise of sorts.  Or, at least, I would be willing to listen.  The biggest mistake, I think, that AOL made was springing this on us in such an unexpected and shocking way.  I think if we had known it was coming, most of us who left still would have left, but not in the blaze of hurt and anger that we had to endure.  And that's a lot of what I find so unnecessarily sad in this whole event.

I like the way you think.  :D

~~ jennifer

tillysweetchops said...

Hello Mary, first time here.

This is such a lovely idea, but I fear that those hard-nosed business people would treat it with derision. They just don't care.

As far as missing your friends -I too have plenty who have moved to blogspot but it makes no difference to me whatsoever. I just go there. You mean they no longer visit you?!! Why?

Keeping track of one another would be a breeze if only everybody would sign up for, it's free and reliable. I hate to think of anybody "missing" anybody when we live in this virtual world anyway and everybody is just a click away.

Tilly x

onmiownnow2 said...

GREAT idea!  It would be nice if they went with it.  Lisa

sdoscher458 said...

Great entry, also a very good idea. I just wish AOL would respond at least...they act as if we are not even here....Sandi

shaz19743 said...

Mary ....knew youd come up with a solid honest to goodness idea on the matter of these ads .
Its sounds like a plan but cant imagine AOL donating anything to anyone except our subcription into thier bottomless pockets .
As for the ones who left i still read em , granted it took me weeks to sort out my alerts and links but i got there in the end .
I agree though its like AOL hell never happened as far as apologies or updates are concerned ...not just for the ads but for all the technical problems too !