Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just In Case

Just In Case ... Started a New Journal on this page.

Minus some of the bells and whistles, but plus some interesting possibilities including video with sound!!  (not on the linked entry -- still figuring it out).  Oh, and if crass commercialism is the theme of the day -- my work will be promoting, well, me.


shadp said...

Alvada Arts - I stand in silent awe! I never realised what a truly talented person you are! You've created some really beautiful things there - pieces anyone would feel proud to own! I followed the link to eBay immediately, but found none of your stuff on offer there at the moment. But I'm full of admiration! Love the photos on your new site - wonderful skies. I shall definitely bookmark your new journal.


shaz19743 said...

Alvada arts rocks !
Ive just been there and learned so much more about "oor mary " !
Now whos been hiding her light under a sizeable bushel ?
Methinks "oor mary " has !
Your things are wonderful Mary ....really individual and unique .