Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One of Nine (Boy that sounds Borgish ...) Ladies Dancing

For David.  Thought that I would share a pencil study for one of my embroidery projects.  One of my "Nine Ladies Dancing" for my Christmas Tree Skirt.

She is titled "December"  subtitled:  what the heck is happening on top of that poor woman's head?  I was shooting for a hat of northern lights.  ~~~~  There ya have it.


oceanmrc said...

Oh, very cool!

shaz19743 said...

Now your just showing off hehe
Seriously though is there no end to your talents !
You really do have such a talent here ....i loved the dancing lady ....pencil work always fascinates me more even than oil or watercolour ,something i just love about feeling a graphite sharp line etch across a fresh page and seeing it there before me. I used to draw so much , havent for yeara but bought a sketch book and some good pencils a week ago on a whim ....i will pick them up again one day x

thisismary said...

Awwwww!  Thanks guys!  Warm Fuzzies all over the darn place!!

shadp said...

And another warm fuzzy - wafted from the hills of darkest Somerset! What a beautiful sketch - such grace, such poetry! She's an absolute delight, words fail me. You really are clever the way you've captured such elegance and movement. Thanks for showing her - I'm totally smitten now!