Monday, November 7, 2005


Been out on jobs, busy, sigh.  Not gone awol! Hey Shaz?  That trade thing?  Where shall I send the plane tickets?  Hehehe.  :-)


shaz19743 said...

Mary .....dont even joke about it hehe
If theres a ticket im there ! hehe
Now ive put a fresh blanket on the leather recliners for you and puffed up the
pillows , theres food in the freezer and theres about 50 DVDS at your disposal
sit back , get your feet up and the remotes next to you and make yourself at home . The keys under the mat at the front door .
Oh yeah forgot to mention dont answer the door after 12pm thats the pub downstairs chucking out time hehe

shadp said...

Come back - all is forgiven! :)