Monday, November 28, 2005

Speed Entry

I have given myself three minutes to do this entry. Took Seven.  As always ...  Anyway.

First:  Thanks to everyone that has stopped by recently especially the new folks!!!!!!

Then, regarding my last entry, explanation:

Win - Win, even corporations understand that concept.   Those that have left?  Huzzah!  Way to stand up for your principles! I mean that! 

Me? Personally, I come, I go, I post, I don't.  I talk about things that I see on a 40 acre farm in Ohio and poop, mostly.  Mostly when I feel like it.

If, however, I was writing to generate hits that would contribute to a good cause? Can we say motivation?  With some tweaking in the concept, the Ad banners program could generate some serious good will.  My thoughts.


oceanmrc said...

Good thoughts, too.

gaboatman said...

I agree, these sound like pretty good thoughts!

shadp said...

A banner advert appeared on top of my journal for a few days. Then I signed a petition on a site somewhere against journal adverts - and it immediately disappeared! Never came back. Peace and quiet once more - bliss!