Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And Sisters J and A come through!

Yea!  Happy Birthday greetings from my two favorite sisters!  Thanks gals!

Oh and sister A?  Your birthday wish for me?  Nope! Ha!  Spent this morning getting doused in stinky poop and wading through mud.  Floater duty.

But this evening!  BEEF STEW!! <-- family joke.  I always asked for beef stew for my birthday dinner because Mom made the best stew in the whole world.  Well that and everyone else in the family hated it so the only hope of getting Mom to cook it was to ask for it for my birthday dinner.  Ok, Harris pizza was (is) much better. 

Sisters J and A!  Thank you!


tommytickla said...

Beef stew pizza dipped in chocolate fondue. The image is all becoming clear..... lol.

gdireneoe said...

Sounds like Happy Birthdays are in order...  Happy Birthday!  Hope your Christmas was wonderful. ;)  C.

shaz19743 said...

you kept that one quiet .....have a wonderful day and watch out for chocolate stew withdrawals ....i hear its addictive hehe x

shadp said...

Birthday girl, huh?? And what better way to spend it than muck spreading and general slurry wallowing! But, apart from that, I hope you had the mother of all beef stews anyway - happy birthday! Sorry for the late wishes. Oh and, I adore beef stew - with dumplings and a few chillies. Damn! Now I'm hungry again.


jevanslink said...

Hey, AOL sis, I tagged you.  Mrs. L