Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dog Flu

I decided that we are not not not doing a New-Year's Eve party this year and I was actually here to enforce that decision this year.  I am tired, tired, tired this year, and I don't feel like spending three days effort for a party.    Some people are angry, some are upset, some disapointed at my decision. So sue me!  Oh, and I would like to add, if you have never invited me into your home for so much as a cup of coffee or a stick of gum, then making social demands of me is a BIT MUCH dontchathink?  Anyway.

Karma steps in.  Buddy (wild dog of the woodland if you read that entry)  <--[Linky if you didn't]  has been coughing for the last two weeks.  He is old, beginning of heart failure or build up from torn-up shop rags, we suspected.  Took the old man to the vet today.  Neither of the above.  Preliminary diagnosis?  A vaccination resistant strain of Kennel Cough, possibly the form of canine flu related to one that has existed in horses for decades and the same one that killed hundreds of greyhounds last year.

Mystery as to how he acquired it, but that is the dangerous part of this canine illness.  Untreated, horribly fatal, treated -- better odds but no guarantees.  Buddy and I came back from the vet loaded down with antibiotics, cough suppressants and hope.

Back to Karma.  Regardless of how disappointed or pissed people are with me because I am not throwing a party, I believe that they will feel a whole lot better knowing that while missing a party, they will not be exposing their beloved canine companions to a horribly contagious and potentially deadly disease.

The Karma Train runs in a circle.



jcnspots said...

Poor Buddy- hope he feels better soon.  And if someone complains about the lack of a party, tell THEM to host the damn thing (for once!)

shaz19743 said...

Awwwww sending a huge canine hug to ole buddy , he'll fight through , as for the party GOOD FOR YOU ! you always throw the festivities maybe this year you can actually get to ENJOY your new year with no stress x