Saturday, December 3, 2005

Great Free Material

It occurred to me this afternoon that the Bill Blather that appeared in Joe's journal could be a great source of material.  No effort journal entries!

Properly noted and attributed; it falls under fair use. I could write a months worth of pretend entries for this journal from just that one letter.  I might.



[yammer, yammer,yammer] ....

 Thank you for putting this bump in the road in your rearview mirror. We're excited about moving on as well.

[...  yammer, yammer, yammer]

Bill Schreiner, VP AOL Community Programming."


I have not left J-land, and noteworthy is the fact that the bump in the road may be in my rear view mirror, but I perform a goodly amount of my driving in reverse gear, pushing a tanker filled with thousands of gallons of liquid compost.  Don't get all excited just yet.


shaz19743 said...

Ohhhh ive fired off my email reply to this schreiner schlep already ....his inbox is queitly smouldering as we speak no doubt .
Will it make a difference ? I have nooooo idea but as with all these things if no one emails and complains no one knows the extent of the anger .
Im staying here , i dont have the adds as im in uk but i was effected by the technical problems and the way its affected this place so that alone is enough to shoot some verbal ammunition at the sitting corporate duck .
I havent mentioned it in my journal simply because i dont have the adverts here so i felt it would be better to send complaints about the tech stuff and the effects its had on this community directly to the AOL bigwigs instead .
Ya can only try i guess x

xzasporated1 said...

ROFL.  We couldn't have written better comedy material if we had all worked together for hours.  

Bump in the road.  Too often a bump in the road is the person one's car has just mashed into roadkill.  But's just one person, so who cares, right?

Geesh.  I look forward to hearing more from the letter.  Uh...I mean from you!

~~ jennifer

shadp said...

So - what happened to Bank of America? Or, I guess the ads rotate huh. Bit like slow motion autosurfing. Who's the guy with the heart anyway? There you go - ads are generating extra comments for you!