Saturday, December 3, 2005

More Blah Blah Blah

I started this with the intention of spending time, explaining where and how AOL corporate's thinking went astray.  Then I realized that they do know they do understand. 


The understanding was that a couple dozen people (I was late to the party, so I just get to stand at the fringes) donated an astonishing amount of time, effort and energy building the journals community and it turned out to be a truly marketable product, so they sold it. End of story.

Further thinking; it is a real bummer that the people that made Journals marketable are upset.  But even if they go elsewhere, there will be a new batch of folk who will continue to provide free content to journals, so they don't have to care.


Got it!  Thanks AOL! 


"Some of you are convinced that the addition of ads destroys that experience.  I am less certain of that."-  Mr. Corporate AOL

Oh, hey!  As you clearly believe that you can think and feel for me, go ahead and write my journal entries for me too willya?

Meanwhile,   my real journal is located here ...   Real Journal


oceanmrc said...

Succintly put!

Your new journal is beautiful -- but is there a place for comments?

shadp said...

As you say in your other journal - "This space is mine". That should apply to your AOL journal too.