Sunday, December 4, 2005


Interesting Journal Entry regarding the actual impact of the AOL Journals Exodus:

Find it here:

Also an updated list of Journalers that have relocated (also from that same blog).



rivercitygirl1 said...

You can add me to that list.  I'm in the midst of transferring my entries which will probably take about another month but here's my new home:

jevanslink said...

There is a mistake. Mrs. L's link is incorrect.  I am at

Hope to have you visit.

Mrs. L

thisismary said...

Fixed Mrs. L!

also :  first commenter needed to be added.  Will try to do that yet tonight (I am on dial up ... sooooooo ... LOL)  Then I will forward the corrections to the List Author so that she can update her copy too!

shadp said...

That's quite a list. I see Shaz is on it, which can't be right. She was in her usual spot earlier today - with no mention of moving. She even has an audio entry there now - rich with Glasgow accent!