Sunday, December 25, 2005

Three Words ...

Chocolate Fondue Fountain.

Huge hit at Christmas dinner.  Huge!

I almost did an audio entry about it from my local Kroger (grocery store), the dilemma, buy - not buy.  Looked at it for a month before I said to myself "what the heck?"

Strawberries, cut-up angel food cake, marshmallows for dippers.

Fountain of warm chocolate.  Oh, Yah!


shaz19743 said...

Ohhhhhh yeahhh !
Now thats a winner in my book too !
Id have whipped out the wallet and bought that faster than ya could dip a strawberry in a lake of chocolate sauce !
yummmm hope you had a brill chrimbo x

oceanmrc said...

Oh, yah, indeed!

gdireneoe said...

Oh MAN I almost bought one too!  Krogers is my store of choice too.  So glad it was a success for you.  I hope your Christmas was wonderful. ;)  C.

southernmush said...

Hello Mary........I have been meaning to leave you a comment on your journal which is still great by the way. I would love, love, love, love, love, love, love a Chocolate Fondue Fountain. I so love Chocoalate and to think of seeing chocolate stream down from a fountain would be heavenly.

Your journal is wonderful to come and read. It would be nice if you lived here in Georgia I would love to bump into you at Kroger while I'm buying groceries. We would chat for hours with our carts and our groceries. You and your journal are fabulous.............