Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sister A Puts Her Foot Down

Sister A sent me a note -- paraphrasing here ... get off your ass and write, when did you ever care what anyone said about you, you still owe us 2 weird things and no making AND wearing cloud pants does not count as one each. More or less what she said, more or less.

Speaking of more or less. In the future, this journal is going to be about walkies, weather, my version of family memories and thoughts that wander through my brain.  Dogs don't care what you write about them, the weather 'round here doesn't stay long enough to notice what anyone has to say, my sisters will let me know if I over embroider family memories and if I choose to prove that yes indeedy do, I went round the mental bend and right over the cliff edge long ago, well, it should also become apparent that when I hit bottom,  I bounce.

Right now I have this mental image of a beautiful grass edged cliff, blue sky, light breeze and every few seconds the sound of whoopin and a hollerin as a woman shoots skyward, does a summersault and descends out of view.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Fading to Grey

Going to take a bit of time here, reconsider, reflect, reorganize. A local troll has been reading and reporting and ... , well. You know how trolls behave.

Will let ya know where I go, if I go and when I get there.  If I stay here -- this journal will be somewhat different, maybe better, maybe sometime soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Is the Moon half full or half empty tonight?  Tonight.

The winter birds sang vespers under cold grey skies six out of the last seven days. The same dampening chilly skies witnessing Matins celebration.

October returned today.  Bright and blue and orange and red and yellow and fading sun warm. The half moon rose through clear skies and I wondered at this end of a half lit uncelebrated October.  Is the moon half full tonight, or half empty?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I will get back to writing instead of playing with techo-toys

Honest.  Really.  Next one! Promise!

Still working on "Five Weird Things"

To take a silly internet challenge to extremes ...  I am STILL working on my "Five Weird Things" list.

This is Number Four:

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You knew this was going to happen sooner or later ...

I know that I shouldn't do this ...  but I CAN so...


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Audio entry

Audio entry

Friday, October 13, 2006

Audio entry

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Audio entry

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Early Fall

Brought to you by October and Ohio.

Added Note:  If you play the video you will notice that nothing moves, zooms around or dances.  Birds sing and a combine in the distance humms. 

Ok, maybe not ideal You Tube video snap material, but to live here, oh, yah!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Harvest Moon thoughts (and a Poll)

This evening is the Harvest Moon!  Mine rose over the trees all butter yellow and sailed into the clear perfect October night.  In my world, farmer neighbors are out and about this evening.  As we live in the age of electric light, the Harvest Moon is more decorative than illumination, but what a sky ornament!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Cloud Pants

Sister A wrote regarding my "5 weird things that stopped on number 1" entry.  She seemed surprised that I could only come up with one weird thing. Ok, she said;

"I would like to say that I find it very disappointing that you could only come up with one weird thing about yourself.  Being part of this family I think that's impossible."

And she would be correct.  But I was going for interesting weird things.  Still working on my list.  Sister A sent her five weird things, but I will have to ask her if it is ok to post them in my journal before I let you know what they are. Pop Tarts.  Issues with Pop Tarts, no really, I can say no more!

I did think of my weird thing number 2.

2.  Cloud Pants.  When my jeans get old and faded and ready for the rag bin, first I accordion them down, so that they are scrunched up as if for a person with very very short legs. I put them in the sink then pour bleach on them in spots, let them sit for a bit then rinse.  After this process the bleached blobs look like clouds.  Sometimes I take paint and add airplanes and birds.  Cloud pants.  They are only good for a couple of wearings then the bleached parts start to rip, but they are fun while they last.

Monday, October 2, 2006

So whatrya gonna do when ya get attacked by coyotes?

Except for poison ivy, hemlock and the occasional falling black walnut wild dog woods is tame. Empty, I thought, I knew. Empty except for me, puppy, two, sometimes three cats, the occasional raccoon, a yearling red tail hawk, assorted song birds. Safe.

As the voice of doom is inclined to do, noticing that I was about to enjoy a relaxing hour in the woods the impending doom spoke.  "Whatrya gonna do when ya get attacked by coyotes"?

Coyotes? What? We don't have coyotes here. I have never seen a deer in the woods, though they do wander through - I have seen their tracks.  Hunters, those creatures I ran off years ago.  Coyotes?

I watch for ravenous packs of mangy, rabid, flea infested wolf wannabes now even though I know that they aren't there. The power of suggestion is a force to be reconed with. My counter?  I also look for wildflowers and angels pretty much in that order 'cause the former I have seen in the woods and I am as likely to see the latter as I am to see coyotes, and last I checked, angels don't bite.


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ignore this entry -- just trying the beta version

Tick tock.  Hey!  That was it, really.  Did I not warn you in the title?  :-)

Trying the beta thing.
Had my journal page open using normal url.  Added "beta." to the address in the browser bar thingy, hit "go".  Went. All appears normal.
Tried adding an entry. Clicked 'Add Entry' button. Typed an entry.  That worked.  Added a tag.  That worked too.
I am now going to edit the entry that I just did by adding this text. Still fine and dandy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The weird thing is ...

I have been walking around with an empty "thought bubble" over my head for a month. Really. La la la LA la la la.  If brain cells could skip in circles, mine would be doing that too. Ragweed.  I blame the whole thing on ragweed pollen.  Working on my excuse for next month.  ~ ~ ~ Aside ~ ~ ~ Speaking of next month, are you aware that Mrs. L. has a birthday at the end of next month?  Rumor has it (a rumor that I am starting right now in fact) she likes tiara's, if you are looking for gift ideas.

Meanwhile, I am still being productive.  I am painting a second tank trailer.  Should be done with the paint part today. ::Crossing fingers:: On the up side, polyurethane paint (Imron and the like) sure is some sweet paint. Goes on like a dream, shines like crazy, stays that way. That is all good, because painting tanks is almost all curved surface.  This year I have gotten very good at painting round.  Link to photo of the trailer that I did earlier this year.

You said that you like to paint .... :

Side note: While polyurethane paint is cool stuff, don't, say, decide that you want to paint your couch with it or anything.  You need special equipment like a positive pressure air hood for starters, along with a list of other things.  Did I ever tell you that once I actually DID paint a couch? From green to black, used fabric paint, it worked out well.  People thought that I was nuts.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One

Nothing like a jab from a friend to get a journaler going again.  Dona from Blue Skies ... Gentle Breezes taged me:

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One :

This should be easy.

1.  I am fascinated by Project Runway.  Ok that is not so weird, lots of people are.  But here is the deal, I watch the contestants sweat hemlines and details and wonder how anyone could ever know what "fashon forward" really means, while thinking to myself the entire time that my wardrobe choices consist of bib-alls with stripes or without. 

Ok, not so much.  Oh I have lots of weirdisms, just most of them aren't interesting enough to talk about.  Will think on it and get back to ya.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

More on Books

Red, green and amber. Golden light and Beethoven or maybe Bach and books.  A memory that smells of linseed oil and cinnamon.  Dr Guy's Tag got me to thinking about books and from there, back twenty years.  A teacher, a friend - maybe, certainly a touchstone, one of the few I have met who represents everything that is good and right with this world. He makes books.

Wonderful, hand written, illuminated, illustrated, hand bound, unique, not even one more in the world just like it  -- books.

Patient and absolutely kind, wildly talented and wry funny. If Christmas Eve could be a person, he would be the one. Gloria.

Anyway.  I wandered in the past for a bit.  Forgive the gold leaf chaff floating about. 

Illimination sometimes leaves evidence drifting in the air.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tag! I'm It!

DrHGuy Tagged me ...  His entry here. Nine Categories; Nine Books

1. One book that changed your life -

Farm Boy - Archie Lieberman

A Photo chronicle of a Illinois farmer from the age of 13 to his thirties. Mr. Liberman caught the truth and unchanging nature of farm life.  I read that book in my early teens and said to myself, I want that. Because the best of farm life doesn't change I ended up with something very close to what I wanted.

2. One book you have read more than once -

Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator - Roald Dahl. 

Vermicious Knids. Ha! Who could NOT read that book over and over?

3. One book you would want on a desert island -

The Unabridged 2006 Federal Budget.

Tinder, Toilet Paper, building material, give me some glue and I could make an endless series of signal pinatas.

4. One book that made you laugh -

Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head (and other assorted drawings) B. Kilban

Dirty Scaley Chicken Toes,

Harry Sticks Them Up His Nose.

Some things stay with you forever.

5. One book that made you cry -

Where The Red Fern Grows

I'm a sucker for dog stories, what can I say?


6. One book you wish you had written -  

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Great Illustrations, adventure, new friends, forgiveness, love and hot dinner.

7. One book you wish had never been written -

Mrs. L. and I were of one mind on this one.  Go read her entry she said it better anyway.

8. One book you are currently reading -

Sigh, Blogs or books - I had to choose, not time enough for both.

9. One book you have been meaning to read - See above

10. Now tag five people -  I will, soon.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Serious:     A week ago Wednesday the slanting evening light that turns the trees in wild dog woods to gold did not appear.  Instead, awfully, the trees were painted blood red.  I held my palm in the light, scarlet.  Just the setting sun filtered through gathering storm clouds, I told myself.  No storm that night, no indication of when ...

Silly:    Last two days the song "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain" (verses one and two) has been running through my head.  Nonstop.  I almost called in an audio entry to record my thoughts - along with - perhaps - me singing the song, but as I happen to be tone deaf  I resisted the urge.

Segue:    DrHGuy has written several entries 'round about a Chanteuse - Anjani  and her album Blue Alert. The lady can sing, the gentleman can write, I must rise with the dawn tomorrow so off to sleep I go.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I would wave hello if I could ...

Imagine a cheerful wave -- my arms are so tired that I just had to kind of flop around until my hands fell more or less onto the keyboard so that I could type.

Now that I think about it, I may have to stand up and let the laptop fall to the floor to get my hands out of typing position.  :: Laughing::

Updates -- I was back in the feild where I have seen most of my "Mystery Birds" <--linky to an entry where I wrote about them.  Saw one up close. Parked himself on a sign.  Verdict?  Big, blue (and rose) Mourning Dove.  Black wing spots, white tail bar, wing whistle when it took off.  Did not hear it's voice.  But -- sigh.  Mourning Dove.

For now -- back to work

Friday, August 4, 2006

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Audio entry

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ready - Set - Shuck Corn!



Today was the offical start of Sweet Corn Puttin Up season here.  Two Bushels down, three to go.

FYI two bushels cooks to about 21 quart bags at 4 cobs per bag.  Just in case you were thinking about doing corn yourself.  If you are thinking of doing it yourself my entry from a couple of years ago might be helpful.

Sweet Corn Day 2004

Friday, July 28, 2006

There was this Raccoon in a tree ...

Walkies the other day, trilling and such from about 15 feet up in a hickory, I trilled back, Mom Raccoon peeked out to wave hi.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Saturday, July 15, 2006

You said that you like to paint ....

Well, I did say that -- but I meant ... sigh. Nevermind.

Finished that -- went south for a job, got back cleaned house.  Sigh.

Dancing in the moonlight -- wanted to write about that. Laundry got in the way.  That and weeds. 


Friday, June 30, 2006

Go, just go ... read

You have to read this one, have to have to have to.  The how to of Ketchup Decantation from "Heck of a Guy" Blog.

Mrs. L. linked to him several months ago and I have been hooked since. 


Sigh. Quixotic, capricious or just victim of random scrambling by a tsunami on the electronic surf, Heck of a Guy's "the How To of Ketchup Decantation" is gone. No matter.  Read anything you find at that blog, wonderful stuff, all of it.


I believe that I may just keep adding to this entry for all of eterntiy or at least this one last time (whichever comes first).

As it happens Mr Heck (of a Guy) informs me that he clicks the link and the ketchup entry is there. I click, not so there.  Anyone else?  Ketchup or no Ketchup? What if it is just me? Curiouser and curiouser.


All of eternity it may just be after all.  The Ketchup entry is back! Mr. Guy fixed it!  Way cool!

Michigan Lilly -- Lilium michiganense

Michigan Lilly.  I believed that these flowers were Tiger Lillys, but with a closer look this year -- turns out that I misidentified.   Last year the grouping was maybe 10 plants, this year, I count 16.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Because Paula Asked ...

Mildred (the traveling Snapping Turtle) was last seen splashing off into the Sandusky River. 

You didn't ask, but she actually started a half mile up the road at a neighbor's pond.  She was spotted wandering around their yard (and they have a little one - just going mobile) so ...  neighbor guy caught her, put her in a plastic tub and intended to take her to a local river, however,  Mildred had issues with riding anywhere in a large plastic tub and decided to crawl out into the back seat.  Her first car ride stopped at the end of the road and she was released into the ditch which was flowing with a heavy current headed west.

A month later she reappeared in my front yard.  I caught her, put her in a plastic drum, fed her pond weeds and hamburger (I was fresh out of invertebrates or carrion) and the next day one of our drivers offered to relocate her out of the neighborhood. This time she travelled in a container with a vented, locking lid and in the trunk.

I bet that she comes back. Eventually.

FWIW - I once spent a good hour watching an Alligator Snapping Turtle do not much of anything at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  Information sorta here.  They have (or had) an old old guy in a tank, one of the signs outside the turtle display stated that "no he is not dead or drowning, he surfaces to breathe every 60-90 minutes" - people, lots of people gather to wait and watch to see if the turtle will move.  Honest.  It is a hoot. I waited and hour.  Stood there with dozens of other people watching a turtle do -- absolutely nothing. Ha! It was great!

Because Tommy Asked ...

4th of July Dinner, if I get to cook what I want to cook.

Barbecued Chicken (Chicken cooked on the grill,  Kansas City Masterpiece Hickory Brown Sugar Sauce, not dry rub -- ok not TRUE barbecue -- so sue me! ).

Cucumber spears, sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese (separate items, not mixed).

Salad of zippy tossed greens only (no iceberg lettuce, no onion, no croutons, nuffim but greens dressed with vinegar and oil).

Strawberry Shortcake (Sliced strawberries, slightly sweetened on slightly sweet biscuits -- real short cake -- sweetened whipped cream).


Saturday, June 24, 2006

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth ...

Kittens are cute and getting cuter.  I had to capture (and reloacate) a Snapping Turtle with an 18" shell that had designs on my pond.  I am painting a semi trailer and ...

Update later if I am not too tired or too covered in paint.

Mildred the Snapping Turtle while in her temporary abode (a white plastic 55 gallon drum).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitten Photos

This one truly believes that she is a tiger.  Shhhh!  don't tell her!

Is it just me, or does this look scream cat sarcasm?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick Kvetch

I sandblasted then painted a railroad boxcar - I didn't want to do either. This whole adult thing is not what I expected. You really DO have to do things that you don't want to do, sometimes with sand in your hair.

My friend with the graduating son announced that she is going to be incommunicado for the two days before the party to which she has invited more than 100 people.  Eyeroll. Shaking my head.  I love her, but the "hey! No big deal! I forgot that I was going to be out of town those days when I sent out the invitations", attitude strikes me as a bit too much of a coincidence. She has helped me with every party that I have had so I do owe her this, but as of Saturday she is sooooooo paid back! LOL.

Oh! And this week a beautiful tall plant has started blooming with sprays of white flowers very much like Queen Ann's Lace. I have photos to post (and will do it sooner rather than later) right after I don gloves a breathing mask an rip every one of them out of the ground and burn them.  Hemlock.  Beautiful deadly poison. Wildflowers gone bad.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Quick update...

Past couple of weeks ..

The kittens are still working on their "look" and have not done anything particularly cute ~ ~ yet.

I took a long walk in the rain, on purpose. 

Decided to ask the butcher to just give me the hog in wholesale cuts, and I would take it from there. No, don't put cure in the hams, no sausage, no I am not out of my mind.  I have a hacksaw, a bandsaw and if need be, kidding.

I have a graduation party for a friend's son coming up in a couple of weeks and although I swear we are not doing it this year, there is the late July railroad fest.  Sigh.  I say that the whole hog is gone before the first of August.  Big Food season is upon me.



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Audio entry - Goin Whole Hog on this one

Lest this entry promt some sort of spontaneous wave of 100 pound plus meat purchases, please be aware that pork freezes well but 4 months is about the maximum quality limit. My experience anyway.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kitten Update

Boink Boink and her six new kittens.  Three look like they are going to be black, three yellow tabby.  Fair warning!  There is a great potential that lots of way too cute kitten photos are going to be appearing in this journal soon.

Oh, and I am guessing that the kittens are going to need names sooner rather than later.  Contest anyone?  I will have to think on it.  Obviously the prizes for the winners won't be a free kitten, no one would play.   Back to you on that later.

Puppy was very concerned about the whole process.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Three and Four

this is gonna take a while, I fear.


Boink number two!


Boink Boink was moved to a handy wash basket (I was folding laundry). Still on my lap - but once removed.  Boink number one safely here.

This is supposed to be two truths and one whopper lie

but no one is going to believe this ... and it is absolutely true.

Boink Boink Kitty (my cat) has despite the boxes of varying sizes and open closet doors -- kitty has decided that the best, safest place to give birth is on my lap, tonight.

One handed typing updates, as time and events allow.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Audio entry - A rant - I was NOT a happy girl ...

Well, that and I was dirty, tired, had poop in my hair and spent an additional 45 minutes that way, for nothing. 

My Audio rant is about how a local vendor (Nagy Equipment Sales) was open 2 minutes less today than they said they were going to be open.  How do I know that it was exactly 2 minutes less?  I set my watch to the time found below.  My watch was correct. 

 The official US time

Oh the whole poop in the hair thing?  I, sigh, have one of those jobs. Today was not as bad as some others have been, but aint none of em all that great.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

I have sooo gotta stop watching "Most Haunted" and "Charmed"

Today I stopped at a local home improvement store, parked next to a shopping cart corral with the intention of taking a cart in with me since I was going that way anyway, and had something entirely coincidental yet interesting all the same happen.

Two carts in the corral, towards the back, I was just about to walk in and grab one when a gust of wind blew them both backwards towards me.  The one furthest back turned half sideways and stopped against the rails.  The cart closest to me continued until I could grab it.  Odd.  Even odder was my first impression, that I had somehow thought the carts into action.  Of course it IS possible that I had an instance of being able to control the physical universe limited to moving shopping carts.  But my reality voice kicked in and reminded me that coincidence just happened to put me in a place to prevent a windblown shopping cart from attacking someone's car.

On the other hand in the event that I have suddenly developed telekinesis, tomorrow I will work on convincing the garbage to transport itself to the dumpster.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Audio entry

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Pictures first - Explantaion later ...

Nesting Robin

Male American Goldfinch


Large-Flowered bellwort

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Links to the audio entires that Tommy spoke of ...

grocery store entries in one day!  (Ok, two pre-store entries and one from the store)
And then there was the one where I talked about talking to someone in India from a field in Ohio.

Tommy - Tommy - Tommy

Big Hug to Tommy for choosing me as one of his Guest Editor's picks!  He is such a doll!  Did you folks see his photo? What a Cutie! I suspected I did, I did, but then his photo on the journals page -- ha! There ya have it - looks to match the smarts!

Oh, hugs to everyone that stopped by to leave a comment too!  Really truly!  I will be wandering to your journals to read, but maybe not comment tonight anyway -- I have been drinking and after a Jack and diet Mt. Dew or two I find everything funny.  Even if it is not.  For instance, not that any of you have written about the trauma endured when your dog grabbed a pair of your large white cotton granny panties, ran out the door and down the road towards the neighbors, but if you had I would think that was funny.  Wait!  That did happen to me, it was funny. My only comfort came in the thought that there is so much material to my white cotton dainties, it is likely that the neighbors might just assume that my dog was dragging a sail or a bed sheet down the road. Where was I?

Tommy darling, read nothing into the segue from the joys of all things Tommy to the unfortunate airing of my unmentionables.  Except there it is, soon to be archived and forever flotsam on the electronic surf. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Week's Wildflowers

Trillium - State Wildflower of Ohio -

Yellow Violets

Dandelions Can be pretty.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and They couldn't cater a wedding?

Lump update; was working out of town all of last week. Spring, South-Eastern Ohio, hills, fifteen shades of green, throw your hands in the air and sing beautiful.

Arby's in Athens at the end of a twelve hour day, I just wanted 2 beef-n-cheddar for the fella, a Ruben for me, a treat for the dog and COFFEE!  Miss thing, queen of the drive through window asked if I would rather have a 5 for 5 of something almost like the beef and cheddar, but not really. I said ok. She said ok, what other 3 items do you want?  What? Oh, the two not quite beef-n-cheddar and then I was supposed to choose three more items from the similar status part of the menu where the not quite beef-n-cheddar reside. Hell.  Wait!  The fella wanted beef-n-cheddar, back up to my original order and forget the 5 thingy. Oh, did she take a pissy tone then.  Sigh. I forgot to order for the dog, I forgot to order my coffee.

I drive up to the window and there Miss THING (queen of the drive through window - radio head set and all!) a stunningly beautiful, perfectly groomed drive through window attendant at a restaurant with major menu items named something -n- something.  She refused to speak to me, she walked away, let a minion handle my CLEARLY inadequate transaction.  I started laughing.  I made an additional order for the dog, handled gracefully by the young man Miss Thing drummed into service to wait on the inadequate customer. I still forgot the coffee.  I vowed to never never never buy pasty reprocessed roast beef (or anything else) from Arby's ever again, ever. Not the Arby's on State Street in Athens, Ohio, not anywhere ever. Oh, and the Reuben was soggy and tasteless which is hard to do when one of the ingredients is Sauerkraut.  Anyway, the reason I drove-up instead of walking in to a "restaurant" that was next door to the fella's motel was that I was up to my knees mud and field dust covering the rest of me.  I shoulda walked in dirty.

I have heard that next week on "Top Chef" the professional Chefs manage to screw-up catering a wedding. I have thoughts on that but have run out of steam on this entry.

That later and my recipe for mole to follow, promise!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

One More - Purple Cress

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Trout Lillies

Today they started blooming!  White and Yellow Trout Lillies.  Spend six years or so as just a single leaf, then they bloom. 

Adding this photo to show the mottled leaves, the speckling on the leaves is the origin of the name of this wildflower.  Spots resemble the pattern on a brook trout, so the story goes ...

Did he really say Mole?

There are sauces then is religion celebrated at family dinner. What the heck am I talking about? Turkey (or Chicken) in Mole. I, personally, have been on a ten year pilgrimage seeking the perfect authentic recipe for Mole.

Not that the above has much to do with anything except the Bravo show "Top Chef".  I love that show. Interesting people making complicated pretty food despite freakish challenges. <-- Nine words, that will be important later.

Steven annoyed me, greatly in the episode where the Chefs were to create a dish to be re heated in a microwave (show 5?) -- I watch, I don't memorize.  Anyway, Steven presented his creation served in a microwave safe dish wrapped in a verbal list of ingredients. Blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah, Mole, blah, blah, blah.  What?  Mole IS a thing, not an ingredient in a thing. Unless there happened to be Mole in the ingredient pantry of the show kitchen, he either used a store bought version out of a can or jar or just threw that word in calculating that the ladies of the Junior League wouldn't notice. Mole takes (depending on the recipe) 15 to 35 ingredients and hours to make.

Years ago I knew a young artist who claimed that the concepts behind his work were so complicated that no one but he could possibly understand them. I saw perfect mirror smooth squares in complimentary colors on a textured background. Color and texture. Three words. Not that complicated. People buy into the "too complicated to understand" notion because they want to believe.  Unless the discussion is physics, if the premise takes more than ten words to describe, all words after the tenth one are conversational filler.

Steven didn't add Mole to whatever it was that he made, wrapped in a banana leaf and re heated in a microwave.  His food is beautiful looking though.

Yes, and entire journal entry on how I was annoyed at something that I saw on late evening television.


Ok, not an entire entry -- the Turkey Buzzards returned this week, road kill season is upon us!



Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mood Control

Tonight, (mostly because I caught no good images on digits while on my walkies) I am trying out a new crack-pot self help motivational theory on mood control. Created this evening, by me.  Spontaneous though it is, I believe that it may have some merit.  Here it is in a nutshell. Never exhibit emotions that reasonably could be followed by the words "The Clown". 

As an example I studied the list of drop down moods suggested as descriptive additions to Journal Titles.

Happy - The Clown

Mischievous - The Clown


Silly - The Clown


Flirtatious  - The Clown


Estatic - The Clown


Loopy - The Clown






Chillin'- The Clown

... see what I mean? Indulging in moods that would make good clown names just invites the rest of the circus in.



Monday Wildflower - Harbringer Of Spring

These flowers are called "Harbringer Of Spring".  Going out this evening looking for the one called "Harbringer of Temperatures above 35".  Kidding, today is a beautiful early Spring day, why I am parked inside at a computer is ...  oh, wait,  I can fix that!  Back later!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Skipping through the weather

Thursday, beautiful! In the sunny high sixty degree temperatures the local males performed their way too early but just in case ritual dance.  No -- the dance does not involve dramatic flashing feather displays or loud vocalizations (this IS Ohio after all and we are talking farmers).  Pick-up trucks of the wood-hauler variety, field trucks, cruising s-l-o-w-l-y up and down the road. Seed corn hats pulled low to conceal glances at ... whether or not the neighboring farmers are working their fields.  Yes, yes, yes the temperature was almost seventy degrees, the ground was dry-ish and while non rural folk may not know it, the locals surely do, it is still too early to work ground.  Still, just in case someone else was out in a tractor ... 

Happens every year.  That was about weather, but not skipping.  Farmers don't skip.

Friday, rain and wind late, had to drive through it.  I was not amused. No skipping there either.

Now for the skipping. Let me set the scene.  ok, not. I was working, had a few moments between trucks, an empty lane and I was bored with walking back and forth trying to stay warm. For reasons that escape me, I wondered if I could still skip.  Seriously.  Haven't done it for maybe 35 years. Is skipping like riding a bicycle a skill that stays in muscle memory?  Yep. It is.  That was the skipping part.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Linking To Nonnie

Nonnie's recipie for Frozen Fruit Salad.

For some reason, no more need be said. Nonnie.

What Lightening Does To Trees

I Blogged about Mrs. L's recent experience with lightening -- her entry here --> Lightning Bugs and Mice

My entry here -->  My entry about Mrs. L's entry

I promised a photo of the tree that got zapped last summer.  Here it is.  See the black scorch mark?  See the blown off bark? See the formerly live tree now dead as a doornail?  Lightening.

Thunderstorm in your area?  Get inside, stay there. 


Blue March Wildflowers

As promised (but a day late) photo of tiny itty bitty Blue wildflowers.  I did scamper to the bookstore, picked-up a book on Ohio wildflowers, but these were not listed.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey, SPRING! Hellloooooo! Warm temperatures anytime now would be nice!

Sigh. Cold. Has been for weeks. Weatherman is promising fifties today. Will be welcome, if it happens.

Oh, first spring wildflowers, something blue and low, checked my wildflowers book, couldn't find them.  Will post photos tonight.  Well, those and the dead lightning trees that I talked about a few posts ago.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Penn & Teller -- does it get sexier than that?

Hello? Visiting scholars at MIT?  Ok, the one that talks  ... although quiet is good, short, silent oh -- wait.   Watching shows on environmental concerns and endangered spiecies and feeding the world tonight.  Yanno, a little light viewing for an evening.

Penn & Teller, love those boys.  Ummm men,  umm celebrities. What are they?  Ah! Celebritities.  Emphasis on the celeb.

Visiting scholars at MIT.  Does it get sexier than that?

A quick note on the nature of "Joy"

She was supposed to be a Barred Owl.  Honest.  Sister E. suggested that I do one because she has one residing in a tree in her yard.  Joy started out as an e-mail from my sister and owl talk. Following - the beginnings of a roundish sorta clay blob on a tree branch that became taller and thinner until the tree branch turned into a skirt and the beginnings of an owl became an homage to the work of an artist (Isabel Bloom) that worked in my home town (Quad Cities). 

Funny how things turn out despite the intended direction, sometimes.

I still haveta do an owl for Sister E. Wonder what that will turn into?

And this just brought to mind a children's book, "Punkey Mouse for a Day" -- anyone remember that one?  What was your favorite book as a child?

Mine was "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More reasons that journal updates have been lacking ...

Ode to Joy

A sculpture that I have been working on.  Almost in production.

Oh, this one is done.


Man-In-The-Moon -- isn't he a happy little guy?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lightning Bugs and Mice - Linkin to Mrs. L.

Lightning Bugs and Mice : <---  Mrs. L aint afraid of mousers or creepy crawlies, but being a wise woman, she IS afraid of lightning.  And likely she is right, lightning does hit some places more often than others.  I know.

My lightening story.

'Round here, when an electrical storm hits, it is not so much WHETHER we will be hit, more, WHERE.  Granted, when you count your yard in acres rather than square feet, you have more territory to work with, still.

There are dozens of trees in the woods that have bark split wide open from lightning strikes. Remind me and I will post photos.  Regardless, storm approaches and everyone gets herded inside, everyone, right now.  The front field is particularly bad for some reason.  Don't know why, but standing in that field in a thunderstorm is a sure fire way to get your toes toasted.

Last summer a freak storm blew up -- no warning, there it was!  Blew in, and POW!  Lightning hit a tree next to the tracks, the bolt traveled 'round the track - wiped out most of the relays that control our lights and gates, made a brief stop to hit the maintenance shop to play hell with the phones, computer and printers there and killed a Maple at the far end of the line. Wild.  Can you imagine the resistance in 2/3 of a mile of steel track? Lightning laughed at our puny 52,310 pounds of high grade steel, used it as a highway, dangerous stuff!  Stay inside!

Mrs. L is right to respect lightning, mighty stuff that sky 'lectricity

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lions n Tigers n Bears ...

Oh my!

And not quite Lions, Tigers nor Bears.  Killdeer and Mourning Doves and Red Winged Blackbirds.  All made their first appearance today.  Quite the din in the woods.

And sister A sent email on the anniversary of the trip to Disney that sister A, sister J and I took.  Text of the email:

"I am NOT riding in a wicker basket that tips over and dumps you out the side!"<-- Me
I said that I did.  Explanation of sorts HERE
I thought that I said something about the Tower of Terror in that entry.  Sigh, anyway, the quote is from the bus ride to the resort and inspired by a billboard about the Tower of Terror.  I have not laughed as much before or since. Sisters!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Talking about the weather ...

Happens a lot 'round here, weather talking. And Mushie asked, she did, so here goes.

Cold Friday, damp wind, pressing, oppressing, steal the last spark from your soul gray day.

Then Saturday, bright and clear, still cold, but not so, not so. Night, blazing bright with stars, the eyes of heaven watched as a quarter moon waltzed sideways across the sky.

Sunday, gray again with a candy colored sunset at the end of the day.

Monday, sharp cold with freezing rain followed by sideways snow that stuck to only the windward side of trees.

Today, warm with peek-a-boo sunshine hinting at tomorrow's threatening rain.

Talking about the weather.

Friday, March 3, 2006

The Republican National Committee Does it again

The Republican National Committee Does it again.

I am aghast. Flabbergasted. Downright insulted.

Same conversational start as in my entry below, but this time I spoke up.  I said that "Mr. Crabby" does not happen to be married, therefore they can't talk to a spouse instead of him, ::  pounding my head on the keyboard :: but I have been around for 11 years and they could talk to me.

NO.  They said no, and that they will just call back later.

At this point, I can only conclude that the Republican Party does not want donations from unmarried shacked up females.  Oddly, donations from unmarried shacked up males must be acceptable, as they promised to call HIM back.  (Anybody want to lay odds on whether at this point they will ever talk to him on the phone?)

With the above and the whole anti-abortion push (I am Catholic and personally against abortion, but what, we should send women to back alley unregulated butchers instead?), I am starting to wonder. I am starting to worry.  I am starting to think.


Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Nutria 700

Quick hit.

I listen to TV more than I actually watch. That would be the reason for my recent confusion regarding a current high tech gadget offering from Verizon.

Commercial Audio (what I heard anyway):

"Kitchen, bathrooms and your Nutria 700." 

What?  Why would a company name any product after a  large, heavy (8 - 10 pounds), mostly nocturnal rodent with orange teeth and a long rounded scaly ratlike tail? Nutria, big rats. 

This morning I actually looked at the commercial -- new Treo not Nutria.  Oh, Huh.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

coupla things -- ok a ramble and a rant (shrug)


The white amurs woke up today.  Fish in our pond.  Nine monstrous carp like vegetation munchers. There they were looking for not yet growing green stuff.  As an irony, I gave them some of the cat's food.  I will have to scamper out to buy fish food early this year.

Also today, I saw my first Robin.  He was throwing himself against one of our big windows. Robins may be the dumbest birds alive.

Certain signs of approaching Spring.

Now for the rant.  Second in a Series of calls from the Republican National Committee, and someone speaking for Senator Mike DeWine.  Sigh.  Goes like this:

"Is Mr. Crabby there?"

"No, I am sorry he is not.  May I ask who is calling?"

"I am so-and-so calling for Senator Mike DeWine on behalf of the Republican National Committe. Are you Mrs. Crabby?"

"No, may I take a message?"

"No message, when would be a better time to call back?"

:: Picture me making sock puppets without the socks and finishing the conversation while making ugly faces at the person on the other end of the line ::

Oh good Lord, they assumed I was staff! :: Dramatic Sigh ::

Newsflash Republican National Committee! When you call a home in the middle of backwater Ohio, (guessing to ask for money) if the female answering the phone isn't "Mrs. Somebody", don't assume that she is staff. Backwater Ohioans don't have staff.

Page two of the newsflash; there is only one die-hard Republican in this household and it aint the person that you are calling.  If money is going to be sent your way guess who is going to instigate that donation? :: humming the Jeopardy waiting song ::  YES!  That would be the woman who somehow moved to a backwater and in the process lost her last name without picking-up a new one to replace it. That would be the same woman that isn't quite good enough to take a message from your esteemed organization. Oh, and while she almost always answers the phone, she always writes the checks and keeps a blog. :: ahem ::

Another thing, while a die-hard Republican, this woman also believes that it is high time that someone other than a handsome, middle aged white dude take a seat in the big chair. Hillary (if she runs) will get some serious consideration from her. Hillary may not represent everything that I stand for, but she has the backbone and the skills to actually do a competent job as leader of this country while weathering all the crap that is going to be thrown at the first non middle aged handsome white dude to sit in the big chair.

Just some thoughts.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok, so the sign wasn't really stolen

Thursday before last we had wind.  Howling, screaming, shifting, thank GOD I wasn't out in it or the type of gal that favors skirts sorta wind. A windstorm that only flat land with not much to stop it can support.  Sustained 60 to 70 miles per hour for most of the night.  Were I a coastal dweller woulda been a hurricane and all over the news.  As I am not coastal, rather a level land-er and that in the middle of nowhere, just a windstorm.  But it was a dooze.

Noticed that a round railroad sign was missing somewhat after. Sign, screws the whole thing just gone.  Prominent on one of our driveways, woulda thought that I woulda noticed previous, but, well, I didn't.  Trees, now those I noticed.  Walked through the woods and the carnage!  It was as if the trees held a donnybrook and spent most of a night throwing branches at each other in an attempt to dislodge each other from their place in the canopy.  I didn't notice the missing sign.

Thirty six inches in diameter with a surface to weight ratio resembling a brick, I supposed that rather than working loose from it's post and going mobile, the sign had been pilfered.  My mistake. 

Today I spotted it midway across a neighbors field, I wasn't convinced that I should be happy about the retrieval of a sign gone wild. Stolen, it would have meant that someone skulked past the driveway monitors and beyond my notice (unlikely events both) and brave or stupid enough to risk a confrontation with me woken from sleep and armed with both a shotgun and the image of me in sweat pants, the fella's shoes and hair that doesn't behave even after an hour's grooming, someone wanted that sign badly enough to brave horrors to own it, verses roundish metal making a break for it in a an advantageous wind.  Anyway.

Mystery lost to breaking (for it) wind.  the sign was found.  That I found it hundreds of yards from where it started makes me glad that I was not out in that wind that night, or the kinda gal that favors skirts, cause that night was a dooze.

This is parenthetical (without the parenthesis) <- oh wait what were those? Damn. Note from the author; the preceding is in fact what passes for excitement in my world.  Maybe pilfered signage and the wonders of wind.  Stay in the city until spring, if things aint growin aint nothing goin on in farm world!



Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Music of My Life

Tommy, dear Tommy sent a challenge something like months ago.  Being the way that I am and not wanting to disappoint, I delayed and pondered and as usual did not much of anything.  Not much of anything that could be seen in any event.  Oh, the challenge?  Music of your life.  A splendid revealing idea!  But then in the splendid and revealing department, our Tommy has it down.  His work (when I read it) is a carefully crafted word image, dancing and twisting and all about his world.  Yet somehow, his entries act as both a mirror and a crucible for me, the reader.  Splendid, wonderful, terrifying and sometimes I have to try reading upside down to check that I have got it just right.


Where was I? Oh!  The much belated challenge!


The Music of Your Life:


I started out by creating a list of all the music that I pretend is a sound track for my life.  It was ok, heavy on the Elton John but workable. A voice whispered in the back of my mind, [an annoying voice, I have to say, the one that is all reality and mostly not much fun, but the one that keeps me from dancing too close to the ledges most of the time]. The voice intervened. "Is that REALLY the music of your life?" The voice asked.


No, the music of my life is not some fantasy motivational sound track of convenience, the music of my life is not composed of songs of choice.  The music of my life is a collection of songs that bonded to a moment, to visuals and feelings and became one and marked forever in my memory.  They don't make particular sense to me, mostly they chose me rather than t'other way round, in that they are always fresh and immediate and  bidden when they visit, and alway, true.  So, Tommy, and dear friends, I present the Music of My Life ...


Winchester Cathedral –  The New Vaudeville Band -- Odd and inauspicious.  I remember playing from a collection of records of my father's records, the cover was aqua, the sound system was B&O and the turntable had a laser that bounced off of a se edge and became a steady line when the table was up to speed and the Winchester Cathedral became the song that reflects silver light in a gold room (our living room at the time) a cloudy day, perfect gold curtains -- real curtains with lining and gold cord with tassels to hold them back falling in perfect folds that the maker fussed with when he installed them and was justifiably proud of. Winchester Cathedral, glancing silver light in a gold room and the memory of a curtain maker that created window dressings that broke just so on the carpet of a living room. - Joy in Craftsmanship.



1974 - Love Grows – Edison Lighthouse -  the song was playing on a radio as I kneeled at top of back stairs in sunlight tracing the floral pattern on the upstairs carpet and thought of my Aunt Rosemary.  She was my father's sister and absolutely kind.  Good people right down to the ground.  Flowers woven in lasting wool and Aunt Rosemary.  Kindness and lasting warmth.


1975 - Band on the run (Paul McCartney)  - odd memory this one.   Rain outside and wallpaper in red and gold chrysanthemums, a medium green bedspread, green carpet.  and perfectly round green plastic transistor radio and "Band On the Run".  At the time I didn't like my mom's choice of wall paper or that song in particular, but the memory stuck. Time and recollection make the memory as study in contrasts and the peace that comes with balanced colors and tones.


1978 - Stairway to heaven (Led Zeplin) – At the high school I attended in the fall as part of homecoming there would be a bon fire.  I remember in my junior year, a boy named Dennis Farell sang back lit by fire.  Leaning over an acoustic guitar, he appeared to read the lyrics from a much folded piece of paper.  In remembrance, he was not somuch reading the lyrics as holding a talisman against ... failure..  He knew the words and notes and sang beautifully in that firelight in the bowl.


1979 - Bad Girls (Donna Summer) – car at the intersection of  12th avenue and ?? bottom of 4 hills - this one I still can't figure out.  Toot toot, beep, beep.



Mid 80’s  - BB King – (The Thrill Is Gone) Where I grew up there stands (or stood) a band shell by the Mississippi.  Every summer a series of artists perform and always, always the sound echoes over the river.  BB King. Joy.  One summer I stood near as the great man sang the blues.  That evening as the stars shone and the river rolled his voice rang out.  The blues were sung, but the voice poured joy into every note.  Even I understood, life has hardships but life set to music is pure joy.


Mid 80’s  - Mel Tome – (Dancing In The Dark) Same band shell, different concert. My Father and a concert by Mel.  Circles.  Blanket on the grass and summer warm and family and a musician with a voice powerful and warm and smooth as a summer breeze over the mighty river.  Comfort


There are a few that I want to add, but they are wants and therefore creations of the now me, not music of my life, music that chose moments and me, not the other way around.


Tommy dear, much belated, but above is the music of my life.


Thanks for asking!


Everybody else??  What is the music of your life? 

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wild Dog's Last Walk

All of January we had spring, almost, almost, walkies and kite flying and almost warm, almost spring temperatures.  In that blessed unexpected reprive from winter wild dog and puppy and I haunted the woods.

Then came February and winter again and Tuesday before last, snow.  Wild dog and puppy and I went for our walkies, slower than in the past weeks and almost home, Wild Dog needed help.  He couldn't continue, so I picked him up and carried him into the house put him on his bed and in the early morning hours of a week ago Wednesday Wild Dog, my buddy, took his last walkies home.

Wild Dog was a good dog and true friend.   I loved him and he loved me -- and walkies.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

journal Going To The Grocery Store.........

Going To The Grocery Store......... :

A gem from the journal written by Southern Mush (mushie to me) - great read!

My comment on that entry and other stuff ...

Little Giant food store!  Love it!  Seaweed in a jar?  Reminds me of Central Market in Austin, Texas -- wonderful, strange, exciting store!!

I love groceries with personality (and selection).  Anybody, your favorite place to shop for groceries?


Friday, January 20, 2006

Railroad Geekdom is catching ... it is.

Below is a linky to an entry in Mosie's journal [STOP -- CLICK -- READ!!!!!]

Honest, if you don't come back, I don't blame ya, great journal!!!

Anyway, railroaders are an interesting, yet truly geeky bunch.  Unlike other geekdom (by the way I scored a healthy 39. something something on the geek quiz in Joe's journal and that was without a single railroad geek question being asked!) Ha!

Link to Joe's entry --->

Unlike other geekdom, railfans are otherwise normal people that get all misty over cho-cho trains.  Ask any child under 10 and their reaction will be, so what?  Trains are cool!

Trains ARE cool! 

That aside, why are you still here?  Did you go read Mosie's journal? ::tapping my foot with impatience::

She's Leaving Home ... Or ... anybody need a locomotive?

No sad "Bye-Bye" here!  Ha!  One less locomotive waiting in line for paint!  Ha!


Crass link to an add on eBay <-- I am sure that there is a rule against this,  but   /\  (top of my former journal space -- now a "blog" -- does blog sound like a symptom of some STD or what, anyway,


Anyway, this is a plea for mercy.  Someone buy this fine piece of (unpainted) locomotive technology!  She runs like a champ, in fact, she ran all day every day for two solid months while we were laying 2/3 of a mile of rail. She goes out on a regular basis now. She just needs paint. 

I have to do the painting 'round these parts.  I do not do not do not do not want to spend every evening for a month sand blasting then priming then painting this locomotive. I have painted 3 so far. Three is more than enough. 

If she stays (instead of going to some nice mine or industrial complex somewhere) She will end-up beautiful, but I will have blue or green or red or yellow hair for a month. You don't want that do you?  No, I won't post pictures!

Ha!  Send the link around!  Someone, somewhere needs, yes, I said NEEDs an unpainted 15 ton Two Foot Gauge Industrial Plymouth Locomotive.  They do.

I have two more just like it in the rail shed (one painted, one not), one TGT, one Brookville and one Whitcomb, I don't want to be selfish.

Anybody need a locomotive?



Sunday, January 15, 2006

Audio entry

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Good Dog Can Make You Believe In Forever ...

A good dog can make you believe in forever, even if you know that our time on earth is limited.

An adventurous friend can make you believe that walking through the mud is more fun that going 'round.

A plucky weed in January canl make you believe in Spring, even if the calendar says mid-winter.

Evening light can make you believe in magic and trees made of gold.

Perspective can make you believe that you might just catch the moon.  If you believe.

Now This Was Unexpected ...



The remains of a Giant Puffball Mushroom, in January.

The weather has been unusually mild here for weeks.  The mushrooms agree.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me ...

Only Five Weird Things:  What to choose -- what to choose.

1. I used to eat egg shells.

    This one is for my siblings who would almost certainly mention its omission.  And to clarify -- I have no memory of eating egg shells. There is only one instance that anyone can remember where, as a toddler, I took a dozen eggs smashed them on the kitchen floor and sat in the mess chomping on the eggshells.  So, this one should actually read; I ate eggshells once [and have never been allowed to forget it].

2.  I used to stand on only one leg or the other.  I remember virtually every photo of me as a child with me standing like a chubby stork.

3. I now "stand" by shifting my weight from one leg to the other, in a perpetual rocking motion. 

    Hey, I can still work a 10 or 12 hour day mostly on my feet and have no orthopedic or back problems!  I just cause the people that work with me to be slightly sea-sick.

4. I talk to the dogs using bad English.  For some reason, I presume that they will understand me better if I do.

5.  I have a serious case of fear of heights. Vertigo like you would not believe.  I can't stand on a chair without feeling woosey. The weird part:  if a ladder is tied-off at the top (with even so much as a piece of string) all is good, vertigo gone. 

Ok, people that are going to be victims of "Tag you are it" to follow.






The Journal Below was a result of a random search of Journals Based on the word "Ohio".  Fascinating Journal!!! "Nana"


Rules again:

Here are the rules; the first player of this game starts with the topic. Five weird habits of yourself and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.