Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Good Dog Can Make You Believe In Forever ...

A good dog can make you believe in forever, even if you know that our time on earth is limited.

An adventurous friend can make you believe that walking through the mud is more fun that going 'round.

A plucky weed in January canl make you believe in Spring, even if the calendar says mid-winter.

Evening light can make you believe in magic and trees made of gold.

Perspective can make you believe that you might just catch the moon.  If you believe.


jevanslink said...

A good writer can remove the tarnish from your soul.  Thanks.  Mrs. L

shaz19743 said...

I needed that Mary , you,ve got that knack of reminding me just what is important in life , god i gotta get me a dog !

shadp said...

Wonderful photos - truly evocative stuff. I love the bare tree with the moon beyond. And what an excellent dog that is - scorning the easy way around! You really have talent with a camera.


plieck30 said...

Beautiful picture of the tree with the moon. Its a full moon tonight Jan. 14. Nice doggie too. Paula

delela1 said...

Well put Mary.  Perspective is everything and yours is wonderfully refreshing.