Thursday, January 12, 2006

Now This Was Unexpected ...



The remains of a Giant Puffball Mushroom, in January.

The weather has been unusually mild here for weeks.  The mushrooms agree.


mosie1944 said...

I've seen puffballs as big as a basketball.  Not in January, though.

thisismary said...

Hey Mosie!!!

I have eaten puffballs almost as big as a basket ball! They are good sliced, breaded and fried then covered with cheese and marinaria!  Encountered in the wild, they are surprising and horrible and just plain alien looking all at the same time!

I happened across this monster two nights ago when I was looking for my dog who went wandering in the dark.  The light from my flashlight happened across it.  ::whispering:  worse than encountering a ghost in the January dark, if ya ask me.  :-)

Thanks for visiting!

shaz19743 said...

i love em , toast em , grill em , fry em ....lemme at em !
Thats a monster of the funghi world though !