Friday, January 20, 2006

She's Leaving Home ... Or ... anybody need a locomotive?

No sad "Bye-Bye" here!  Ha!  One less locomotive waiting in line for paint!  Ha!


Crass link to an add on eBay <-- I am sure that there is a rule against this,  but   /\  (top of my former journal space -- now a "blog" -- does blog sound like a symptom of some STD or what, anyway,


Anyway, this is a plea for mercy.  Someone buy this fine piece of (unpainted) locomotive technology!  She runs like a champ, in fact, she ran all day every day for two solid months while we were laying 2/3 of a mile of rail. She goes out on a regular basis now. She just needs paint. 

I have to do the painting 'round these parts.  I do not do not do not do not want to spend every evening for a month sand blasting then priming then painting this locomotive. I have painted 3 so far. Three is more than enough. 

If she stays (instead of going to some nice mine or industrial complex somewhere) She will end-up beautiful, but I will have blue or green or red or yellow hair for a month. You don't want that do you?  No, I won't post pictures!

Ha!  Send the link around!  Someone, somewhere needs, yes, I said NEEDs an unpainted 15 ton Two Foot Gauge Industrial Plymouth Locomotive.  They do.

I have two more just like it in the rail shed (one painted, one not), one TGT, one Brookville and one Whitcomb, I don't want to be selfish.

Anybody need a locomotive?




mosie1944 said...

One of my fondest dreams and desires is to have a caboose.  They're not hard to find, and relatively cheap.  It's transporting them to my property that would cost arms and legs.  But I still hope.

plieck30 said...

The tiny town John is from had a store in a box car for years. Its a shame a chain store came in and took all the business away. The boxcar sits there all lonely and for sale. Paula