Monday, February 27, 2006

Ok, so the sign wasn't really stolen

Thursday before last we had wind.  Howling, screaming, shifting, thank GOD I wasn't out in it or the type of gal that favors skirts sorta wind. A windstorm that only flat land with not much to stop it can support.  Sustained 60 to 70 miles per hour for most of the night.  Were I a coastal dweller woulda been a hurricane and all over the news.  As I am not coastal, rather a level land-er and that in the middle of nowhere, just a windstorm.  But it was a dooze.

Noticed that a round railroad sign was missing somewhat after. Sign, screws the whole thing just gone.  Prominent on one of our driveways, woulda thought that I woulda noticed previous, but, well, I didn't.  Trees, now those I noticed.  Walked through the woods and the carnage!  It was as if the trees held a donnybrook and spent most of a night throwing branches at each other in an attempt to dislodge each other from their place in the canopy.  I didn't notice the missing sign.

Thirty six inches in diameter with a surface to weight ratio resembling a brick, I supposed that rather than working loose from it's post and going mobile, the sign had been pilfered.  My mistake. 

Today I spotted it midway across a neighbors field, I wasn't convinced that I should be happy about the retrieval of a sign gone wild. Stolen, it would have meant that someone skulked past the driveway monitors and beyond my notice (unlikely events both) and brave or stupid enough to risk a confrontation with me woken from sleep and armed with both a shotgun and the image of me in sweat pants, the fella's shoes and hair that doesn't behave even after an hour's grooming, someone wanted that sign badly enough to brave horrors to own it, verses roundish metal making a break for it in a an advantageous wind.  Anyway.

Mystery lost to breaking (for it) wind.  the sign was found.  That I found it hundreds of yards from where it started makes me glad that I was not out in that wind that night, or the kinda gal that favors skirts, cause that night was a dooze.

This is parenthetical (without the parenthesis) <- oh wait what were those? Damn. Note from the author; the preceding is in fact what passes for excitement in my world.  Maybe pilfered signage and the wonders of wind.  Stay in the city until spring, if things aint growin aint nothing goin on in farm world!



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plieck30 said...

I can't believe how much wind we have had and at the wrong time. I hate wind anytime. Sure glad you weren't out with a skirt on but more then anything glad you weren't hit in the head with that sign. Paula