Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wild Dog's Last Walk

All of January we had spring, almost, almost, walkies and kite flying and almost warm, almost spring temperatures.  In that blessed unexpected reprive from winter wild dog and puppy and I haunted the woods.

Then came February and winter again and Tuesday before last, snow.  Wild dog and puppy and I went for our walkies, slower than in the past weeks and almost home, Wild Dog needed help.  He couldn't continue, so I picked him up and carried him into the house put him on his bed and in the early morning hours of a week ago Wednesday Wild Dog, my buddy, took his last walkies home.

Wild Dog was a good dog and true friend.   I loved him and he loved me -- and walkies.



mosie1944 said...

Oh, this really touches my heart, because it hasn't been long since I buried my Mandy.  At least it appears Wild Dog lived to a good old age.

Amazing how dogs get to be such a huge part of our days.

plieck30 said...

Awww so sorry for your loss. Paula

thisismary said...

Thank you Paula and Mosie.  Even though I knew his time was limited, losing him was still heartbreaking.

You are right, Wild Dog was old. He adopted us when he was three, maybe four and stayed for eleven years.  For a big dog that is very old.

Mosie, you lost your Mandy when she was young?  I am sorry.  

jevanslink said...

Oh, Mary, I just read this and the picture of Wild Dog's last paw print in the snow has made me cry.  He seemed like such a lovely dog. Funny about "walkies".  I once shot a commercial with Barbara Woodhoouse who was a piece of work. She also used to say "din dins" when she brought her dogs their dinner.  Mrs. L

shadp said...

He will have had a good and rich life with you anyway - far better than he might have had with others. I love puppy's snow print beside Wild Dog's, so small and light. My thoughts go with you.


delela1 said...

Thinking of you Mary.  The picture is deep and profound...I'd frame it.  Losing a pet is losing not just a friend, but a member of the family.  Thank you for sharing this with us.  My heart goes out to you.


boiseladie said...

Hugs to you, Mary.  I came upon your journal from Dona's.  I found the "Rainbow Bridge" very comforting to me when I lost my Harley last year.