Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Linking To Nonnie

Nonnie's recipie for Frozen Fruit Salad.

For some reason, no more need be said. Nonnie.

What Lightening Does To Trees

I Blogged about Mrs. L's recent experience with lightening -- her entry here --> Lightning Bugs and Mice

My entry here -->  My entry about Mrs. L's entry

I promised a photo of the tree that got zapped last summer.  Here it is.  See the black scorch mark?  See the blown off bark? See the formerly live tree now dead as a doornail?  Lightening.

Thunderstorm in your area?  Get inside, stay there. 


Blue March Wildflowers

As promised (but a day late) photo of tiny itty bitty Blue wildflowers.  I did scamper to the bookstore, picked-up a book on Ohio wildflowers, but these were not listed.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hey, SPRING! Hellloooooo! Warm temperatures anytime now would be nice!

Sigh. Cold. Has been for weeks. Weatherman is promising fifties today. Will be welcome, if it happens.

Oh, first spring wildflowers, something blue and low, checked my wildflowers book, couldn't find them.  Will post photos tonight.  Well, those and the dead lightning trees that I talked about a few posts ago.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Penn & Teller -- does it get sexier than that?

Hello? Visiting scholars at MIT?  Ok, the one that talks  ... although quiet is good, short, silent oh -- wait.   Watching shows on environmental concerns and endangered spiecies and feeding the world tonight.  Yanno, a little light viewing for an evening.

Penn & Teller, love those boys.  Ummm men,  umm celebrities. What are they?  Ah! Celebritities.  Emphasis on the celeb.

Visiting scholars at MIT.  Does it get sexier than that?

A quick note on the nature of "Joy"

She was supposed to be a Barred Owl.  Honest.  Sister E. suggested that I do one because she has one residing in a tree in her yard.  Joy started out as an e-mail from my sister and owl talk. Following - the beginnings of a roundish sorta clay blob on a tree branch that became taller and thinner until the tree branch turned into a skirt and the beginnings of an owl became an homage to the work of an artist (Isabel Bloom) that worked in my home town (Quad Cities). 

Funny how things turn out despite the intended direction, sometimes.

I still haveta do an owl for Sister E. Wonder what that will turn into?

And this just brought to mind a children's book, "Punkey Mouse for a Day" -- anyone remember that one?  What was your favorite book as a child?

Mine was "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More reasons that journal updates have been lacking ...

Ode to Joy

A sculpture that I have been working on.  Almost in production.

Oh, this one is done.


Man-In-The-Moon -- isn't he a happy little guy?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lightning Bugs and Mice - Linkin to Mrs. L.

Lightning Bugs and Mice : <---  Mrs. L aint afraid of mousers or creepy crawlies, but being a wise woman, she IS afraid of lightning.  And likely she is right, lightning does hit some places more often than others.  I know.

My lightening story.

'Round here, when an electrical storm hits, it is not so much WHETHER we will be hit, more, WHERE.  Granted, when you count your yard in acres rather than square feet, you have more territory to work with, still.

There are dozens of trees in the woods that have bark split wide open from lightning strikes. Remind me and I will post photos.  Regardless, storm approaches and everyone gets herded inside, everyone, right now.  The front field is particularly bad for some reason.  Don't know why, but standing in that field in a thunderstorm is a sure fire way to get your toes toasted.

Last summer a freak storm blew up -- no warning, there it was!  Blew in, and POW!  Lightning hit a tree next to the tracks, the bolt traveled 'round the track - wiped out most of the relays that control our lights and gates, made a brief stop to hit the maintenance shop to play hell with the phones, computer and printers there and killed a Maple at the far end of the line. Wild.  Can you imagine the resistance in 2/3 of a mile of steel track? Lightning laughed at our puny 52,310 pounds of high grade steel, used it as a highway, dangerous stuff!  Stay inside!

Mrs. L is right to respect lightning, mighty stuff that sky 'lectricity

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lions n Tigers n Bears ...

Oh my!

And not quite Lions, Tigers nor Bears.  Killdeer and Mourning Doves and Red Winged Blackbirds.  All made their first appearance today.  Quite the din in the woods.

And sister A sent email on the anniversary of the trip to Disney that sister A, sister J and I took.  Text of the email:

"I am NOT riding in a wicker basket that tips over and dumps you out the side!"<-- Me
I said that I did.  Explanation of sorts HERE
I thought that I said something about the Tower of Terror in that entry.  Sigh, anyway, the quote is from the bus ride to the resort and inspired by a billboard about the Tower of Terror.  I have not laughed as much before or since. Sisters!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Talking about the weather ...

Happens a lot 'round here, weather talking. And Mushie asked, she did, so here goes.

Cold Friday, damp wind, pressing, oppressing, steal the last spark from your soul gray day.

Then Saturday, bright and clear, still cold, but not so, not so. Night, blazing bright with stars, the eyes of heaven watched as a quarter moon waltzed sideways across the sky.

Sunday, gray again with a candy colored sunset at the end of the day.

Monday, sharp cold with freezing rain followed by sideways snow that stuck to only the windward side of trees.

Today, warm with peek-a-boo sunshine hinting at tomorrow's threatening rain.

Talking about the weather.

Friday, March 3, 2006

The Republican National Committee Does it again

The Republican National Committee Does it again.

I am aghast. Flabbergasted. Downright insulted.

Same conversational start as in my entry below, but this time I spoke up.  I said that "Mr. Crabby" does not happen to be married, therefore they can't talk to a spouse instead of him, ::  pounding my head on the keyboard :: but I have been around for 11 years and they could talk to me.

NO.  They said no, and that they will just call back later.

At this point, I can only conclude that the Republican Party does not want donations from unmarried shacked up females.  Oddly, donations from unmarried shacked up males must be acceptable, as they promised to call HIM back.  (Anybody want to lay odds on whether at this point they will ever talk to him on the phone?)

With the above and the whole anti-abortion push (I am Catholic and personally against abortion, but what, we should send women to back alley unregulated butchers instead?), I am starting to wonder. I am starting to worry.  I am starting to think.


Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Nutria 700

Quick hit.

I listen to TV more than I actually watch. That would be the reason for my recent confusion regarding a current high tech gadget offering from Verizon.

Commercial Audio (what I heard anyway):

"Kitchen, bathrooms and your Nutria 700." 

What?  Why would a company name any product after a  large, heavy (8 - 10 pounds), mostly nocturnal rodent with orange teeth and a long rounded scaly ratlike tail? Nutria, big rats. 

This morning I actually looked at the commercial -- new Treo not Nutria.  Oh, Huh.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

coupla things -- ok a ramble and a rant (shrug)


The white amurs woke up today.  Fish in our pond.  Nine monstrous carp like vegetation munchers. There they were looking for not yet growing green stuff.  As an irony, I gave them some of the cat's food.  I will have to scamper out to buy fish food early this year.

Also today, I saw my first Robin.  He was throwing himself against one of our big windows. Robins may be the dumbest birds alive.

Certain signs of approaching Spring.

Now for the rant.  Second in a Series of calls from the Republican National Committee, and someone speaking for Senator Mike DeWine.  Sigh.  Goes like this:

"Is Mr. Crabby there?"

"No, I am sorry he is not.  May I ask who is calling?"

"I am so-and-so calling for Senator Mike DeWine on behalf of the Republican National Committe. Are you Mrs. Crabby?"

"No, may I take a message?"

"No message, when would be a better time to call back?"

:: Picture me making sock puppets without the socks and finishing the conversation while making ugly faces at the person on the other end of the line ::

Oh good Lord, they assumed I was staff! :: Dramatic Sigh ::

Newsflash Republican National Committee! When you call a home in the middle of backwater Ohio, (guessing to ask for money) if the female answering the phone isn't "Mrs. Somebody", don't assume that she is staff. Backwater Ohioans don't have staff.

Page two of the newsflash; there is only one die-hard Republican in this household and it aint the person that you are calling.  If money is going to be sent your way guess who is going to instigate that donation? :: humming the Jeopardy waiting song ::  YES!  That would be the woman who somehow moved to a backwater and in the process lost her last name without picking-up a new one to replace it. That would be the same woman that isn't quite good enough to take a message from your esteemed organization. Oh, and while she almost always answers the phone, she always writes the checks and keeps a blog. :: ahem ::

Another thing, while a die-hard Republican, this woman also believes that it is high time that someone other than a handsome, middle aged white dude take a seat in the big chair. Hillary (if she runs) will get some serious consideration from her. Hillary may not represent everything that I stand for, but she has the backbone and the skills to actually do a competent job as leader of this country while weathering all the crap that is going to be thrown at the first non middle aged handsome white dude to sit in the big chair.

Just some thoughts.