Wednesday, March 1, 2006

coupla things -- ok a ramble and a rant (shrug)


The white amurs woke up today.  Fish in our pond.  Nine monstrous carp like vegetation munchers. There they were looking for not yet growing green stuff.  As an irony, I gave them some of the cat's food.  I will have to scamper out to buy fish food early this year.

Also today, I saw my first Robin.  He was throwing himself against one of our big windows. Robins may be the dumbest birds alive.

Certain signs of approaching Spring.

Now for the rant.  Second in a Series of calls from the Republican National Committee, and someone speaking for Senator Mike DeWine.  Sigh.  Goes like this:

"Is Mr. Crabby there?"

"No, I am sorry he is not.  May I ask who is calling?"

"I am so-and-so calling for Senator Mike DeWine on behalf of the Republican National Committe. Are you Mrs. Crabby?"

"No, may I take a message?"

"No message, when would be a better time to call back?"

:: Picture me making sock puppets without the socks and finishing the conversation while making ugly faces at the person on the other end of the line ::

Oh good Lord, they assumed I was staff! :: Dramatic Sigh ::

Newsflash Republican National Committee! When you call a home in the middle of backwater Ohio, (guessing to ask for money) if the female answering the phone isn't "Mrs. Somebody", don't assume that she is staff. Backwater Ohioans don't have staff.

Page two of the newsflash; there is only one die-hard Republican in this household and it aint the person that you are calling.  If money is going to be sent your way guess who is going to instigate that donation? :: humming the Jeopardy waiting song ::  YES!  That would be the woman who somehow moved to a backwater and in the process lost her last name without picking-up a new one to replace it. That would be the same woman that isn't quite good enough to take a message from your esteemed organization. Oh, and while she almost always answers the phone, she always writes the checks and keeps a blog. :: ahem ::

Another thing, while a die-hard Republican, this woman also believes that it is high time that someone other than a handsome, middle aged white dude take a seat in the big chair. Hillary (if she runs) will get some serious consideration from her. Hillary may not represent everything that I stand for, but she has the backbone and the skills to actually do a competent job as leader of this country while weathering all the crap that is going to be thrown at the first non middle aged handsome white dude to sit in the big chair.

Just some thoughts.


oceanmrc said...

You go, girl.  

My yard has been full of robins for 2 days.

mosie1944 said...

This die-hard republican is sick of the way things are going, too.

When we were walking in the pasture last week, we saw a huge flock of robins.  I don't think I've ever seen that many of them in one spot in my life.