Monday, March 13, 2006

Lightning Bugs and Mice - Linkin to Mrs. L.

Lightning Bugs and Mice : <---  Mrs. L aint afraid of mousers or creepy crawlies, but being a wise woman, she IS afraid of lightning.  And likely she is right, lightning does hit some places more often than others.  I know.

My lightening story.

'Round here, when an electrical storm hits, it is not so much WHETHER we will be hit, more, WHERE.  Granted, when you count your yard in acres rather than square feet, you have more territory to work with, still.

There are dozens of trees in the woods that have bark split wide open from lightning strikes. Remind me and I will post photos.  Regardless, storm approaches and everyone gets herded inside, everyone, right now.  The front field is particularly bad for some reason.  Don't know why, but standing in that field in a thunderstorm is a sure fire way to get your toes toasted.

Last summer a freak storm blew up -- no warning, there it was!  Blew in, and POW!  Lightning hit a tree next to the tracks, the bolt traveled 'round the track - wiped out most of the relays that control our lights and gates, made a brief stop to hit the maintenance shop to play hell with the phones, computer and printers there and killed a Maple at the far end of the line. Wild.  Can you imagine the resistance in 2/3 of a mile of steel track? Lightning laughed at our puny 52,310 pounds of high grade steel, used it as a highway, dangerous stuff!  Stay inside!

Mrs. L is right to respect lightning, mighty stuff that sky 'lectricity


southernmush said...

Hello again.........This is a wonderful entry you shared with us. I always find that your journal is a real treat. There is always something interesting to read or something to look at.............This is why your journal is one of my very favorites...............Thanks for sharing this with us here at J-Land.........Take care.

plieck30 said...

Good advice stay inside. I am not afraid of a lot of things but lightening is certainly one of them. Paula