Friday, March 3, 2006

The Republican National Committee Does it again

The Republican National Committee Does it again.

I am aghast. Flabbergasted. Downright insulted.

Same conversational start as in my entry below, but this time I spoke up.  I said that "Mr. Crabby" does not happen to be married, therefore they can't talk to a spouse instead of him, ::  pounding my head on the keyboard :: but I have been around for 11 years and they could talk to me.

NO.  They said no, and that they will just call back later.

At this point, I can only conclude that the Republican Party does not want donations from unmarried shacked up females.  Oddly, donations from unmarried shacked up males must be acceptable, as they promised to call HIM back.  (Anybody want to lay odds on whether at this point they will ever talk to him on the phone?)

With the above and the whole anti-abortion push (I am Catholic and personally against abortion, but what, we should send women to back alley unregulated butchers instead?), I am starting to wonder. I am starting to worry.  I am starting to think.



jevanslink said...

Have you ever noticed how so many of the "rules" in a religion and a political party are designed to control women?  Am I being paranoid?  Nah.  Mrs. L

southernmush said...

Hello Mary.........Since I am young and single I don't think that the Republican party would be interested in my vote. I wouldn't vote for a Republican since they aren't interested in my vote anyway. I feel that I would rather vote for an independent. I think my vote would be better used that way.

How is the weather there on the farm Mary ??