Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Talking about the weather ...

Happens a lot 'round here, weather talking. And Mushie asked, she did, so here goes.

Cold Friday, damp wind, pressing, oppressing, steal the last spark from your soul gray day.

Then Saturday, bright and clear, still cold, but not so, not so. Night, blazing bright with stars, the eyes of heaven watched as a quarter moon waltzed sideways across the sky.

Sunday, gray again with a candy colored sunset at the end of the day.

Monday, sharp cold with freezing rain followed by sideways snow that stuck to only the windward side of trees.

Today, warm with peek-a-boo sunshine hinting at tomorrow's threatening rain.

Talking about the weather.


southernmush said...

Hi Mary.....Thanks for including me in your entry. Its been nice here in Atlanta but it was a little bit cooler than the last ( 2 ) days. I always enjoy reading your journal.

Your writing is quite poetic. You are quite a writer........Thanks again for including me. Have a good night.

tommytickla said...

'Talking about the weather'

My gran was a one for sayings. She passed it on to me. I used to like this phrase (above) - it'd be a rhythm (how do you spell that) as you were running around in your various mysterious worlds fighting foes and saving the world in general. But it'd have to end like this:

'Talk about the weather..... Heather'

The Heather had to be said 'Heth-arrr' because that was the fake-posh accent of my step-great aunt.

Even the boring things are made fun in the mysterious world of the Tickla.

plieck30 said...

They talk about the weather here in south texas a lot too but it is usually about rain or the lack of it. Paula