Saturday, April 29, 2006

Links to the audio entires that Tommy spoke of ...

grocery store entries in one day!  (Ok, two pre-store entries and one from the store)
And then there was the one where I talked about talking to someone in India from a field in Ohio.

Tommy - Tommy - Tommy

Big Hug to Tommy for choosing me as one of his Guest Editor's picks!  He is such a doll!  Did you folks see his photo? What a Cutie! I suspected I did, I did, but then his photo on the journals page -- ha! There ya have it - looks to match the smarts!

Oh, hugs to everyone that stopped by to leave a comment too!  Really truly!  I will be wandering to your journals to read, but maybe not comment tonight anyway -- I have been drinking and after a Jack and diet Mt. Dew or two I find everything funny.  Even if it is not.  For instance, not that any of you have written about the trauma endured when your dog grabbed a pair of your large white cotton granny panties, ran out the door and down the road towards the neighbors, but if you had I would think that was funny.  Wait!  That did happen to me, it was funny. My only comfort came in the thought that there is so much material to my white cotton dainties, it is likely that the neighbors might just assume that my dog was dragging a sail or a bed sheet down the road. Where was I?

Tommy darling, read nothing into the segue from the joys of all things Tommy to the unfortunate airing of my unmentionables.  Except there it is, soon to be archived and forever flotsam on the electronic surf. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Week's Wildflowers

Trillium - State Wildflower of Ohio -

Yellow Violets

Dandelions Can be pretty.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and They couldn't cater a wedding?

Lump update; was working out of town all of last week. Spring, South-Eastern Ohio, hills, fifteen shades of green, throw your hands in the air and sing beautiful.

Arby's in Athens at the end of a twelve hour day, I just wanted 2 beef-n-cheddar for the fella, a Ruben for me, a treat for the dog and COFFEE!  Miss thing, queen of the drive through window asked if I would rather have a 5 for 5 of something almost like the beef and cheddar, but not really. I said ok. She said ok, what other 3 items do you want?  What? Oh, the two not quite beef-n-cheddar and then I was supposed to choose three more items from the similar status part of the menu where the not quite beef-n-cheddar reside. Hell.  Wait!  The fella wanted beef-n-cheddar, back up to my original order and forget the 5 thingy. Oh, did she take a pissy tone then.  Sigh. I forgot to order for the dog, I forgot to order my coffee.

I drive up to the window and there Miss THING (queen of the drive through window - radio head set and all!) a stunningly beautiful, perfectly groomed drive through window attendant at a restaurant with major menu items named something -n- something.  She refused to speak to me, she walked away, let a minion handle my CLEARLY inadequate transaction.  I started laughing.  I made an additional order for the dog, handled gracefully by the young man Miss Thing drummed into service to wait on the inadequate customer. I still forgot the coffee.  I vowed to never never never buy pasty reprocessed roast beef (or anything else) from Arby's ever again, ever. Not the Arby's on State Street in Athens, Ohio, not anywhere ever. Oh, and the Reuben was soggy and tasteless which is hard to do when one of the ingredients is Sauerkraut.  Anyway, the reason I drove-up instead of walking in to a "restaurant" that was next door to the fella's motel was that I was up to my knees mud and field dust covering the rest of me.  I shoulda walked in dirty.

I have heard that next week on "Top Chef" the professional Chefs manage to screw-up catering a wedding. I have thoughts on that but have run out of steam on this entry.

That later and my recipe for mole to follow, promise!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

One More - Purple Cress

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Trout Lillies

Today they started blooming!  White and Yellow Trout Lillies.  Spend six years or so as just a single leaf, then they bloom. 

Adding this photo to show the mottled leaves, the speckling on the leaves is the origin of the name of this wildflower.  Spots resemble the pattern on a brook trout, so the story goes ...

Did he really say Mole?

There are sauces then is religion celebrated at family dinner. What the heck am I talking about? Turkey (or Chicken) in Mole. I, personally, have been on a ten year pilgrimage seeking the perfect authentic recipe for Mole.

Not that the above has much to do with anything except the Bravo show "Top Chef".  I love that show. Interesting people making complicated pretty food despite freakish challenges. <-- Nine words, that will be important later.

Steven annoyed me, greatly in the episode where the Chefs were to create a dish to be re heated in a microwave (show 5?) -- I watch, I don't memorize.  Anyway, Steven presented his creation served in a microwave safe dish wrapped in a verbal list of ingredients. Blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah, Mole, blah, blah, blah.  What?  Mole IS a thing, not an ingredient in a thing. Unless there happened to be Mole in the ingredient pantry of the show kitchen, he either used a store bought version out of a can or jar or just threw that word in calculating that the ladies of the Junior League wouldn't notice. Mole takes (depending on the recipe) 15 to 35 ingredients and hours to make.

Years ago I knew a young artist who claimed that the concepts behind his work were so complicated that no one but he could possibly understand them. I saw perfect mirror smooth squares in complimentary colors on a textured background. Color and texture. Three words. Not that complicated. People buy into the "too complicated to understand" notion because they want to believe.  Unless the discussion is physics, if the premise takes more than ten words to describe, all words after the tenth one are conversational filler.

Steven didn't add Mole to whatever it was that he made, wrapped in a banana leaf and re heated in a microwave.  His food is beautiful looking though.

Yes, and entire journal entry on how I was annoyed at something that I saw on late evening television.


Ok, not an entire entry -- the Turkey Buzzards returned this week, road kill season is upon us!



Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mood Control

Tonight, (mostly because I caught no good images on digits while on my walkies) I am trying out a new crack-pot self help motivational theory on mood control. Created this evening, by me.  Spontaneous though it is, I believe that it may have some merit.  Here it is in a nutshell. Never exhibit emotions that reasonably could be followed by the words "The Clown". 

As an example I studied the list of drop down moods suggested as descriptive additions to Journal Titles.

Happy - The Clown

Mischievous - The Clown


Silly - The Clown


Flirtatious  - The Clown


Estatic - The Clown


Loopy - The Clown






Chillin'- The Clown

... see what I mean? Indulging in moods that would make good clown names just invites the rest of the circus in.



Monday Wildflower - Harbringer Of Spring

These flowers are called "Harbringer Of Spring".  Going out this evening looking for the one called "Harbringer of Temperatures above 35".  Kidding, today is a beautiful early Spring day, why I am parked inside at a computer is ...  oh, wait,  I can fix that!  Back later!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Skipping through the weather

Thursday, beautiful! In the sunny high sixty degree temperatures the local males performed their way too early but just in case ritual dance.  No -- the dance does not involve dramatic flashing feather displays or loud vocalizations (this IS Ohio after all and we are talking farmers).  Pick-up trucks of the wood-hauler variety, field trucks, cruising s-l-o-w-l-y up and down the road. Seed corn hats pulled low to conceal glances at ... whether or not the neighboring farmers are working their fields.  Yes, yes, yes the temperature was almost seventy degrees, the ground was dry-ish and while non rural folk may not know it, the locals surely do, it is still too early to work ground.  Still, just in case someone else was out in a tractor ... 

Happens every year.  That was about weather, but not skipping.  Farmers don't skip.

Friday, rain and wind late, had to drive through it.  I was not amused. No skipping there either.

Now for the skipping. Let me set the scene.  ok, not. I was working, had a few moments between trucks, an empty lane and I was bored with walking back and forth trying to stay warm. For reasons that escape me, I wondered if I could still skip.  Seriously.  Haven't done it for maybe 35 years. Is skipping like riding a bicycle a skill that stays in muscle memory?  Yep. It is.  That was the skipping part.