Saturday, April 15, 2006

Did he really say Mole?

There are sauces then is religion celebrated at family dinner. What the heck am I talking about? Turkey (or Chicken) in Mole. I, personally, have been on a ten year pilgrimage seeking the perfect authentic recipe for Mole.

Not that the above has much to do with anything except the Bravo show "Top Chef".  I love that show. Interesting people making complicated pretty food despite freakish challenges. <-- Nine words, that will be important later.

Steven annoyed me, greatly in the episode where the Chefs were to create a dish to be re heated in a microwave (show 5?) -- I watch, I don't memorize.  Anyway, Steven presented his creation served in a microwave safe dish wrapped in a verbal list of ingredients. Blah blah blah, blah, blah, blah, Mole, blah, blah, blah.  What?  Mole IS a thing, not an ingredient in a thing. Unless there happened to be Mole in the ingredient pantry of the show kitchen, he either used a store bought version out of a can or jar or just threw that word in calculating that the ladies of the Junior League wouldn't notice. Mole takes (depending on the recipe) 15 to 35 ingredients and hours to make.

Years ago I knew a young artist who claimed that the concepts behind his work were so complicated that no one but he could possibly understand them. I saw perfect mirror smooth squares in complimentary colors on a textured background. Color and texture. Three words. Not that complicated. People buy into the "too complicated to understand" notion because they want to believe.  Unless the discussion is physics, if the premise takes more than ten words to describe, all words after the tenth one are conversational filler.

Steven didn't add Mole to whatever it was that he made, wrapped in a banana leaf and re heated in a microwave.  His food is beautiful looking though.

Yes, and entire journal entry on how I was annoyed at something that I saw on late evening television.


Ok, not an entire entry -- the Turkey Buzzards returned this week, road kill season is upon us!




tommytickla said...

I was getting excited here - thinking - something like digging it up and putting it in the pot - a whole new game flavour. But, as so often happens the reality is a little dissappointing. Mole seems to be a US chilli sauce type thing. Much tamer.....

Personally I'd go for the fury variety! Mole and mushroom stew?

southernmush said...

Hi Mary.........I have to say that I also watch the show " Top Chef " and I have to say that I often wonder about some of them. I wonder who will win the show. Thanks for sharing this entry.........Have a great Easter.

thisismary said...

Tommy!!! Noooooooooo!  No no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mole is NOT American Chili Sauce.  Roasted Anchos, bitter chocolate, cinamon ...  Mexican.  Sublime Mexican. Multi layered flavors.  Oh, do not write off Mole.  Recipie to follow (mine -- but TRUE Mole can only be made by elderly, native Spanish speaking females).  I swear that the music of the words spoken while preparing the sauce is a secret ingredient.