Saturday, April 22, 2006

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and

I shouda walked in dirty, I love Athens in the Spring (no not THAT Athens) and They couldn't cater a wedding?

Lump update; was working out of town all of last week. Spring, South-Eastern Ohio, hills, fifteen shades of green, throw your hands in the air and sing beautiful.

Arby's in Athens at the end of a twelve hour day, I just wanted 2 beef-n-cheddar for the fella, a Ruben for me, a treat for the dog and COFFEE!  Miss thing, queen of the drive through window asked if I would rather have a 5 for 5 of something almost like the beef and cheddar, but not really. I said ok. She said ok, what other 3 items do you want?  What? Oh, the two not quite beef-n-cheddar and then I was supposed to choose three more items from the similar status part of the menu where the not quite beef-n-cheddar reside. Hell.  Wait!  The fella wanted beef-n-cheddar, back up to my original order and forget the 5 thingy. Oh, did she take a pissy tone then.  Sigh. I forgot to order for the dog, I forgot to order my coffee.

I drive up to the window and there Miss THING (queen of the drive through window - radio head set and all!) a stunningly beautiful, perfectly groomed drive through window attendant at a restaurant with major menu items named something -n- something.  She refused to speak to me, she walked away, let a minion handle my CLEARLY inadequate transaction.  I started laughing.  I made an additional order for the dog, handled gracefully by the young man Miss Thing drummed into service to wait on the inadequate customer. I still forgot the coffee.  I vowed to never never never buy pasty reprocessed roast beef (or anything else) from Arby's ever again, ever. Not the Arby's on State Street in Athens, Ohio, not anywhere ever. Oh, and the Reuben was soggy and tasteless which is hard to do when one of the ingredients is Sauerkraut.  Anyway, the reason I drove-up instead of walking in to a "restaurant" that was next door to the fella's motel was that I was up to my knees mud and field dust covering the rest of me.  I shoulda walked in dirty.

I have heard that next week on "Top Chef" the professional Chefs manage to screw-up catering a wedding. I have thoughts on that but have run out of steam on this entry.

That later and my recipe for mole to follow, promise!


oceanmrc said...

It's great how an entire story emergest from the smallest of interactions.

plieck30 said...

Ha yep some of those little drive-through queens can sure be pissy, I mean prissy. Hope you got your coffee. Paula

btancayo said...

Hi----I've been to that Arby's. I've seen that Queen. My order turned out no better than yours. Like your blog...I like Athens County too. It is home.Thanks for the good are funny.I mean that in a nice way.

thisismary said...

Wave back at ya!  The hills of Southern Ohio always leave me wondering "what is behind the next one?"  You live in an area of true beauty.  Nice meeting you!