Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Mood Control

Tonight, (mostly because I caught no good images on digits while on my walkies) I am trying out a new crack-pot self help motivational theory on mood control. Created this evening, by me.  Spontaneous though it is, I believe that it may have some merit.  Here it is in a nutshell. Never exhibit emotions that reasonably could be followed by the words "The Clown". 

As an example I studied the list of drop down moods suggested as descriptive additions to Journal Titles.

Happy - The Clown

Mischievous - The Clown


Silly - The Clown


Flirtatious  - The Clown


Estatic - The Clown


Loopy - The Clown






Chillin'- The Clown

... see what I mean? Indulging in moods that would make good clown names just invites the rest of the circus in.




delela1 said...

So true.  The mere act of just selecting any of those words to highlight my mood often causes me to pause and wonder...about many things too numerous to cover in depth here but then you pretty much covered it above.

So now...what to do?  Oh, to list or not to list....


jevanslink said...

This is like adding 'IN BED" to the fortune in your Chinese almond cookie.  It adds so much to an otherwise mundane prediction of one's future.  Mrs. L

tommytickla said...

Chillin' the clown? It's one of the jobs all Clown PA's have to do - isn't it.
"But I don't want to face all those scremaing little kids again...."
"Don't think about getting home yet - just get out in the ring.... we've got a show to do"

I've heard pyscho's like to do it too - nothing like chillin' a clown in the freezer.
"Mishcievous, the clown.... " the agent looks round the waiting room.
Pyscho Fred sits in the corner talking to himself. "I've got mine on ice"

Is coco an emotion? I'm sure Krusty is an emotion.
"How are you?"
"Yeah man, I'm feeling Krusty..."

And you spelt estatic wrong. It's egg-static. Every clown knows that (sorry)

southernmush said...

Mary..........Pretty soon I will have to say good-bye to J-Land because I am going to be moving to Bellsouth. I will miss your journal more than I can say. You have been one of my best friends here at J-Land. I will miss you and your journal. I will find it hard to say good-bye to you when my time ends...............Your a dear friend. Please drop by my new e-mail address at Southernmush@bellsouth.net

Thanks for everything........