Saturday, April 1, 2006

Skipping through the weather

Thursday, beautiful! In the sunny high sixty degree temperatures the local males performed their way too early but just in case ritual dance.  No -- the dance does not involve dramatic flashing feather displays or loud vocalizations (this IS Ohio after all and we are talking farmers).  Pick-up trucks of the wood-hauler variety, field trucks, cruising s-l-o-w-l-y up and down the road. Seed corn hats pulled low to conceal glances at ... whether or not the neighboring farmers are working their fields.  Yes, yes, yes the temperature was almost seventy degrees, the ground was dry-ish and while non rural folk may not know it, the locals surely do, it is still too early to work ground.  Still, just in case someone else was out in a tractor ... 

Happens every year.  That was about weather, but not skipping.  Farmers don't skip.

Friday, rain and wind late, had to drive through it.  I was not amused. No skipping there either.

Now for the skipping. Let me set the scene.  ok, not. I was working, had a few moments between trucks, an empty lane and I was bored with walking back and forth trying to stay warm. For reasons that escape me, I wondered if I could still skip.  Seriously.  Haven't done it for maybe 35 years. Is skipping like riding a bicycle a skill that stays in muscle memory?  Yep. It is.  That was the skipping part.

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southernmush said...

Hello Mary........Your entries are always a joy to read. I always like coming to read your journal. I wanted to share with you that I bought a new flavor of ice cream called " Irish Bliss " which is Irish cream coffee flavored ice cream w / Irish vanilla cream & rich chocolate cookies. I have to say that it wasn't my favorite it was a little too sweet. I don't think I will buy that flavor again at least not anytime soon. Do you have a favorite flavor of ice cream ? I also wanted to say hello to you Mary so Hi !!!!!!!!!! Take care and sometimes we all have to remember to skip. Bye.