Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tommy - Tommy - Tommy

Big Hug to Tommy for choosing me as one of his Guest Editor's picks!  He is such a doll!  Did you folks see his photo? What a Cutie! I suspected I did, I did, but then his photo on the journals page -- ha! There ya have it - looks to match the smarts!

Oh, hugs to everyone that stopped by to leave a comment too!  Really truly!  I will be wandering to your journals to read, but maybe not comment tonight anyway -- I have been drinking and after a Jack and diet Mt. Dew or two I find everything funny.  Even if it is not.  For instance, not that any of you have written about the trauma endured when your dog grabbed a pair of your large white cotton granny panties, ran out the door and down the road towards the neighbors, but if you had I would think that was funny.  Wait!  That did happen to me, it was funny. My only comfort came in the thought that there is so much material to my white cotton dainties, it is likely that the neighbors might just assume that my dog was dragging a sail or a bed sheet down the road. Where was I?

Tommy darling, read nothing into the segue from the joys of all things Tommy to the unfortunate airing of my unmentionables.  Except there it is, soon to be archived and forever flotsam on the electronic surf. 



southernmush said...

Hey Mary........I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on being chosen by Tommy you and your journal deserve the honor of the recognition. I really like all of your entries especially the ones where you share your audio entries at the grocery store. I really like coming to your journal because everytime I come there is always something new to read or one of your new trips to the grocery store.

Once again CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You truly deserve it.

delela1 said...

Yea you!!!!  :)

alphamoon65 said...

Just stopped by to say the pics. take care