Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Audio entry - Goin Whole Hog on this one

Lest this entry promt some sort of spontaneous wave of 100 pound plus meat purchases, please be aware that pork freezes well but 4 months is about the maximum quality limit. My experience anyway.


southernmush said...

Hi Mary !!!! I listened to another one of your great audio entries and I would like to answer your question. What do you do with a whole hog ?? Well you could pass some of it along to neighbors, friends, co-workers and family. You might even consider sending some of it along to Atlanta, Georgia my family would enjoy it. You could make a hog jelly.......just kidding about the jelly ha, ha, ha.

tigger556564 said...

 what a lovely blog    am wondering whatever I woulld do with a whole hog !!!!!   cant believe your friend not eating fruit   for me a life without all the berries crisp apples pears plums etc would be a calamity  please keep us imformed about the pork     longing to hear what you do with it