Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Audio entry


mlrhjeh said...

Glad to find your journal!

Love your photographs!

I drive a big gas guzzler too! My husband just bought a Mimi Cooper for gas mileage. It is too little for my taste!!!!

Mary Louise

tommytickla said...

I just love these audio entries. Did I mention that?

Loud music on warm days in cars with the windows down - there are fundamental laws you have to follow.

It's interesting that the opening scene of the Romeo and Juliet film ('96) was shot in a garaj. What does it feel like being a Capulet?

southernmush said...

Hi Mary........

Another wonderful audio entry. I don't think you ever ramble. I really enjoy hearing your audio entries.

One of my newest favorite people when it comes to music is a singer named Daniel Powter. I recently bought one of his CD's and I love it. What other kinds of music do you like ?

Your a very interesting, kind and funny lady.........Your wonderful. Thank you for sharing these audio entries........Take care.

jeadie05 said...

Hi Mary ,how original ,I have just come here via Monae ,and enjoyed your audio entry ,with which I entirely your pictures too Iam going to put you on my alerts now and favs ,visit me sometime ....Jan xx

hopeinjesus4life said...

Hi! I saw that you were an editor's pick and stopped by. Sorry, I didn't listen to the audio. I did read some of your entries though. Come by and visit my journal sometime, I'd be glad to have you.