Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Pictures first - Explantaion later ...

Nesting Robin

Male American Goldfinch


Large-Flowered bellwort


lilcreativecharm said...

Hello Mary.. :o)
My name is Angela. I am so happy I found your journal. Thanks to the editors pick that is. :o) I am from Ohio as well. I used to have a journal called "Beauty of the Buckeye State. It was really popular and even was featured. This was a couple of summers ago. I had too many seperate journals and decided to narrow down to just one and feature everything in one place. I have an entry on this one journal of some of my old photography of Ohio. Stop by if you would like. I put yours on alert. BTW, I love Athens! I went to school there and my mil and fil bought a beautiful home in Hocking Country. Love it!! :o)



jevanslink said...

Nice pix Mary.  Mrs. L