Monday, May 29, 2006

Quick update...

Past couple of weeks ..

The kittens are still working on their "look" and have not done anything particularly cute ~ ~ yet.

I took a long walk in the rain, on purpose. 

Decided to ask the butcher to just give me the hog in wholesale cuts, and I would take it from there. No, don't put cure in the hams, no sausage, no I am not out of my mind.  I have a hacksaw, a bandsaw and if need be, kidding.

I have a graduation party for a friend's son coming up in a couple of weeks and although I swear we are not doing it this year, there is the late July railroad fest.  Sigh.  I say that the whole hog is gone before the first of August.  Big Food season is upon me.



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southernmush said...

Hey Mary !!!!!!! How are you these days ??? I'm turning into an overcooked potato in this heat here in Georgia. I hope that the graduation will be wonderful I'm sure it will be. Tell him CONGRATULATIONS for me okay.

I can't say that I have ever been to a railroad fest it sounds wonderful. I just wanted to come by and say hello. Take care.