Friday, June 30, 2006

Go, just go ... read

You have to read this one, have to have to have to.  The how to of Ketchup Decantation from "Heck of a Guy" Blog.

Mrs. L. linked to him several months ago and I have been hooked since. 


Sigh. Quixotic, capricious or just victim of random scrambling by a tsunami on the electronic surf, Heck of a Guy's "the How To of Ketchup Decantation" is gone. No matter.  Read anything you find at that blog, wonderful stuff, all of it.


I believe that I may just keep adding to this entry for all of eterntiy or at least this one last time (whichever comes first).

As it happens Mr Heck (of a Guy) informs me that he clicks the link and the ketchup entry is there. I click, not so there.  Anyone else?  Ketchup or no Ketchup? What if it is just me? Curiouser and curiouser.


All of eternity it may just be after all.  The Ketchup entry is back! Mr. Guy fixed it!  Way cool!

Michigan Lilly -- Lilium michiganense

Michigan Lilly.  I believed that these flowers were Tiger Lillys, but with a closer look this year -- turns out that I misidentified.   Last year the grouping was maybe 10 plants, this year, I count 16.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Because Paula Asked ...

Mildred (the traveling Snapping Turtle) was last seen splashing off into the Sandusky River. 

You didn't ask, but she actually started a half mile up the road at a neighbor's pond.  She was spotted wandering around their yard (and they have a little one - just going mobile) so ...  neighbor guy caught her, put her in a plastic tub and intended to take her to a local river, however,  Mildred had issues with riding anywhere in a large plastic tub and decided to crawl out into the back seat.  Her first car ride stopped at the end of the road and she was released into the ditch which was flowing with a heavy current headed west.

A month later she reappeared in my front yard.  I caught her, put her in a plastic drum, fed her pond weeds and hamburger (I was fresh out of invertebrates or carrion) and the next day one of our drivers offered to relocate her out of the neighborhood. This time she travelled in a container with a vented, locking lid and in the trunk.

I bet that she comes back. Eventually.

FWIW - I once spent a good hour watching an Alligator Snapping Turtle do not much of anything at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  Information sorta here.  They have (or had) an old old guy in a tank, one of the signs outside the turtle display stated that "no he is not dead or drowning, he surfaces to breathe every 60-90 minutes" - people, lots of people gather to wait and watch to see if the turtle will move.  Honest.  It is a hoot. I waited and hour.  Stood there with dozens of other people watching a turtle do -- absolutely nothing. Ha! It was great!

Because Tommy Asked ...

4th of July Dinner, if I get to cook what I want to cook.

Barbecued Chicken (Chicken cooked on the grill,  Kansas City Masterpiece Hickory Brown Sugar Sauce, not dry rub -- ok not TRUE barbecue -- so sue me! ).

Cucumber spears, sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese (separate items, not mixed).

Salad of zippy tossed greens only (no iceberg lettuce, no onion, no croutons, nuffim but greens dressed with vinegar and oil).

Strawberry Shortcake (Sliced strawberries, slightly sweetened on slightly sweet biscuits -- real short cake -- sweetened whipped cream).


Saturday, June 24, 2006

No I have not fallen off the face of the earth ...

Kittens are cute and getting cuter.  I had to capture (and reloacate) a Snapping Turtle with an 18" shell that had designs on my pond.  I am painting a semi trailer and ...

Update later if I am not too tired or too covered in paint.

Mildred the Snapping Turtle while in her temporary abode (a white plastic 55 gallon drum).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kitten Photos

This one truly believes that she is a tiger.  Shhhh!  don't tell her!

Is it just me, or does this look scream cat sarcasm?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick Kvetch

I sandblasted then painted a railroad boxcar - I didn't want to do either. This whole adult thing is not what I expected. You really DO have to do things that you don't want to do, sometimes with sand in your hair.

My friend with the graduating son announced that she is going to be incommunicado for the two days before the party to which she has invited more than 100 people.  Eyeroll. Shaking my head.  I love her, but the "hey! No big deal! I forgot that I was going to be out of town those days when I sent out the invitations", attitude strikes me as a bit too much of a coincidence. She has helped me with every party that I have had so I do owe her this, but as of Saturday she is sooooooo paid back! LOL.

Oh! And this week a beautiful tall plant has started blooming with sprays of white flowers very much like Queen Ann's Lace. I have photos to post (and will do it sooner rather than later) right after I don gloves a breathing mask an rip every one of them out of the ground and burn them.  Hemlock.  Beautiful deadly poison. Wildflowers gone bad.