Thursday, June 29, 2006

Because Tommy Asked ...

4th of July Dinner, if I get to cook what I want to cook.

Barbecued Chicken (Chicken cooked on the grill,  Kansas City Masterpiece Hickory Brown Sugar Sauce, not dry rub -- ok not TRUE barbecue -- so sue me! ).

Cucumber spears, sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese (separate items, not mixed).

Salad of zippy tossed greens only (no iceberg lettuce, no onion, no croutons, nuffim but greens dressed with vinegar and oil).

Strawberry Shortcake (Sliced strawberries, slightly sweetened on slightly sweet biscuits -- real short cake -- sweetened whipped cream).


1 comment:

rivercitygirl1 said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful and FYI anything cooked on the grill is barbecue.  My suggestion, pour some italian dressing over your cucumber and tomatoes.  Mmmmm....