Friday, June 30, 2006

Go, just go ... read

You have to read this one, have to have to have to.  The how to of Ketchup Decantation from "Heck of a Guy" Blog.

Mrs. L. linked to him several months ago and I have been hooked since. 


Sigh. Quixotic, capricious or just victim of random scrambling by a tsunami on the electronic surf, Heck of a Guy's "the How To of Ketchup Decantation" is gone. No matter.  Read anything you find at that blog, wonderful stuff, all of it.


I believe that I may just keep adding to this entry for all of eterntiy or at least this one last time (whichever comes first).

As it happens Mr Heck (of a Guy) informs me that he clicks the link and the ketchup entry is there. I click, not so there.  Anyone else?  Ketchup or no Ketchup? What if it is just me? Curiouser and curiouser.


All of eternity it may just be after all.  The Ketchup entry is back! Mr. Guy fixed it!  Way cool!


southernmush said...

Hi Mary,

I went to the link and I didn't see the entry about the Ketchup Decantation I'm sorry to say. Can you ask him where the link is I'm curious to read it now that you shared this entry with us. I can't wait to read it. Byyyye for now.

jevanslink said...

Don't you just love Dr. Guy.  He is the complete package.  Crazy funny.  And smart smart smart.  Did I mention funny?   Mrs. L