Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick Kvetch

I sandblasted then painted a railroad boxcar - I didn't want to do either. This whole adult thing is not what I expected. You really DO have to do things that you don't want to do, sometimes with sand in your hair.

My friend with the graduating son announced that she is going to be incommunicado for the two days before the party to which she has invited more than 100 people.  Eyeroll. Shaking my head.  I love her, but the "hey! No big deal! I forgot that I was going to be out of town those days when I sent out the invitations", attitude strikes me as a bit too much of a coincidence. She has helped me with every party that I have had so I do owe her this, but as of Saturday she is sooooooo paid back! LOL.

Oh! And this week a beautiful tall plant has started blooming with sprays of white flowers very much like Queen Ann's Lace. I have photos to post (and will do it sooner rather than later) right after I don gloves a breathing mask an rip every one of them out of the ground and burn them.  Hemlock.  Beautiful deadly poison. Wildflowers gone bad.

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