Thursday, August 31, 2006

More on Books

Red, green and amber. Golden light and Beethoven or maybe Bach and books.  A memory that smells of linseed oil and cinnamon.  Dr Guy's Tag got me to thinking about books and from there, back twenty years.  A teacher, a friend - maybe, certainly a touchstone, one of the few I have met who represents everything that is good and right with this world. He makes books.

Wonderful, hand written, illuminated, illustrated, hand bound, unique, not even one more in the world just like it  -- books.

Patient and absolutely kind, wildly talented and wry funny. If Christmas Eve could be a person, he would be the one. Gloria.

Anyway.  I wandered in the past for a bit.  Forgive the gold leaf chaff floating about. 

Illimination sometimes leaves evidence drifting in the air.




jevanslink said...

The person who writes this poetic prose can also tear down a diesel engine?  I never cease to be amazed.   Mrs. L

memes121 said...

Hello everyone. Just wanted to drop in and invite you all to a new journal I cooked up called Help Wanted. It is for everyone. Hope to see you there! Thanks, Tammy-

southernmush said...

Hi Mary.....Where have you been these days ? Are you out grocery shopping ? Hurry back to us !!!!!!! Byyye.