Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ignore this entry -- just trying the beta version

Tick tock.  Hey!  That was it, really.  Did I not warn you in the title?  :-)

Trying the beta thing.
Had my journal page open using normal url.  Added "beta." to the address in the browser bar thingy, hit "go".  Went. All appears normal.
Tried adding an entry. Clicked 'Add Entry' button. Typed an entry.  That worked.  Added a tag.  That worked too.
I am now going to edit the entry that I just did by adding this text. Still fine and dandy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The weird thing is ...

I have been walking around with an empty "thought bubble" over my head for a month. Really. La la la LA la la la.  If brain cells could skip in circles, mine would be doing that too. Ragweed.  I blame the whole thing on ragweed pollen.  Working on my excuse for next month.  ~ ~ ~ Aside ~ ~ ~ Speaking of next month, are you aware that Mrs. L. has a birthday at the end of next month?  Rumor has it (a rumor that I am starting right now in fact) she likes tiara's, if you are looking for gift ideas.

Meanwhile, I am still being productive.  I am painting a second tank trailer.  Should be done with the paint part today. ::Crossing fingers:: On the up side, polyurethane paint (Imron and the like) sure is some sweet paint. Goes on like a dream, shines like crazy, stays that way. That is all good, because painting tanks is almost all curved surface.  This year I have gotten very good at painting round.  Link to photo of the trailer that I did earlier this year.

You said that you like to paint .... :

Side note: While polyurethane paint is cool stuff, don't, say, decide that you want to paint your couch with it or anything.  You need special equipment like a positive pressure air hood for starters, along with a list of other things.  Did I ever tell you that once I actually DID paint a couch? From green to black, used fabric paint, it worked out well.  People thought that I was nuts.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One

Nothing like a jab from a friend to get a journaler going again.  Dona from Blue Skies ... Gentle Breezes taged me:

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One :

This should be easy.

1.  I am fascinated by Project Runway.  Ok that is not so weird, lots of people are.  But here is the deal, I watch the contestants sweat hemlines and details and wonder how anyone could ever know what "fashon forward" really means, while thinking to myself the entire time that my wardrobe choices consist of bib-alls with stripes or without. 

Ok, not so much.  Oh I have lots of weirdisms, just most of them aren't interesting enough to talk about.  Will think on it and get back to ya.