Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The weird thing is ...

I have been walking around with an empty "thought bubble" over my head for a month. Really. La la la LA la la la.  If brain cells could skip in circles, mine would be doing that too. Ragweed.  I blame the whole thing on ragweed pollen.  Working on my excuse for next month.  ~ ~ ~ Aside ~ ~ ~ Speaking of next month, are you aware that Mrs. L. has a birthday at the end of next month?  Rumor has it (a rumor that I am starting right now in fact) she likes tiara's, if you are looking for gift ideas.

Meanwhile, I am still being productive.  I am painting a second tank trailer.  Should be done with the paint part today. ::Crossing fingers:: On the up side, polyurethane paint (Imron and the like) sure is some sweet paint. Goes on like a dream, shines like crazy, stays that way. That is all good, because painting tanks is almost all curved surface.  This year I have gotten very good at painting round.  Link to photo of the trailer that I did earlier this year.

You said that you like to paint .... :

Side note: While polyurethane paint is cool stuff, don't, say, decide that you want to paint your couch with it or anything.  You need special equipment like a positive pressure air hood for starters, along with a list of other things.  Did I ever tell you that once I actually DID paint a couch? From green to black, used fabric paint, it worked out well.  People thought that I was nuts.

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plieck30 said...

My excuse is the mold count. I use to do a lot of painting but the paint brush doesn't fit my hand anymore. Paula