Saturday, October 7, 2006

Early Fall

Brought to you by October and Ohio.

Added Note:  If you play the video you will notice that nothing moves, zooms around or dances.  Birds sing and a combine in the distance humms. 

Ok, maybe not ideal You Tube video snap material, but to live here, oh, yah!


southernmush said...

Hello Mary........This was wonderful. The nature shot is wonderful as well as the birds singing. This is a picture perfect postcard moment. I am glad you put this in your journal. Your entries are always wonderful. Thanks for posting this. I will come for another visit soon. Take care.

jevanslink said...

*SIGH* -- nice view. Lovely sounds. I look on two holes in the ground, soon to be filled with someone's idea of a "fancy" house. Ah, the sound of hammer guns in he morning.

Mrs. L

jevanslink said...

NAIL guns.  You can tell I'm not handy around the house.   Mrs. L